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  1. I couldn't find a lost and found inquiry anywhere on the forum, so I made this. If there is one and I over looked it, feel free to move this thread, I was at ACen this pasted weekend and I lost my black Nikon camera on Saturday, May 17th around 12:30-1:00 around the Exhibit Hall where New York Toys resided. I remember seeing it when I sat it down to make a purchase and I thought I picked it up, but I must of been caught up in all the distractions and forgot. When I realized it was missing, I returned to New York Toys where I thought I left it and it is gone. I searched high and low for that camera. I gave my information to the lost and found people at the convention center and New York Toys. This is my last effort to locate this camera. I've taken over 1000 pictures of the event including pictures of 8-bit Sephiroth and Nobuo Uematsu. I am pleading that if anyone has seen this camera or know someone who may have seen it to please contact me. It's a black Nikon S3300 camera, black with a gray wrist strap and an 8 gig Lexar memory card in there. The pictures above are what the camera looks like. Again, if there is any information on this lost camera, please contact me immediately. Thank you.