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  1. Looking for 2 Roommates at the Hyatt

    hey! I need a place to stay for ACen! I am 21 so that's not an issue, I can probably bring some drinks too. so shoot me a message, looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. Room available at Embassy Suites

    is there still a spot open? cause I'm all for that. I"m 21 and can bring some drinks. I'm also good for all the nights Shoot me a message. Look forward to talking with you!
  3. yooooooooooooooooo

    Hey, I'm Alex, or Poptarts, I've gone by both doesn't really bother me, Just looking around for cool people to hang out with at the con, it's a big place, I'm always up for meeting people.
  4. Roommate needed at embassy

    when are you checking in/out? cause I would be interested in the room with drinks.

    HEy, I still don't have a room for ACen this year so I thought I'd put out there and see if anyone is looking for roommates. Some things about me. - I'm 21 so alcohol isn't a problem - if needed/wanted i can bring some drinks - I'm always open to meeting new people :D - I cosplay, more than likely just gonna be Terumi from Blazblue, but there's a small chance I'll finish P5 Protag for the con if there's any other questions you have for me just let me know :3
  6. Looking for roommates

    YAY Hi, I'm looking for a room as far as I know it's just me. about me: - I'm 21 - I'm cosplaying - I can bring snacks and stuff - and I'm always open to meeting new and awesome people :3
  7. K Project Gathering?

    I'll probably be open to most poses/ ships. it'll be fun when there's more people, I did yata with a homura group at my home con and it was literally just us from K. this'll be more fun.
  8. K Project Gathering?

    So I just got my forum account thingy verified but I've been sitting on this topic for the better part of three days x.x anyway I'll be cosplaying Yata all weekend due to the short notice of me going (I literally found out I was able to go last monday and nothing else is finished x.x)