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  1. Spike Cosplayer

    Found you and we talked for about an hour or so at that eating area. You gave me your FB but there's like 100 other people with the same name.
  2. I have a room for 2 others at the Aloft for Thursday-Sunday. 3 nights. 2 beds. No Smoking. 21+ since there may be alcohol. Not a 100% guarantee. All genders welcome. I charge by splitting the bill. I already have another room mate, however, 1 bed will be free. I have asked if I could get a cot, but I was denied due to the room size. I do believe that there is a couch available. If not, I'm sorry but the floor will be the only option. If my personal roommate does not show, I will pay their part and the remainder will be paid relative to how many can 100% be certain they will be able to show. Be prepared, however, to pay $133 in case the forum user decides to back out. All room services that require additional payment are not allowed. If I see any additional charges, I will hold you accountable. Room total(rounded): $400 divided by: 2= $200 3= $133 4= $100 Not allowed: Smoking, parties, sexual relations, uncleanliness, over intoxication, destruction of hotel property, and guests. I know it'd be great to socialize in the comfort of the room, but I am not comfortable with too many strangers near my personal belongings. Hope you understand. I will respect your personal space as well. Just be sure not to leave your items too scattered in which it prevents house keeping from doing their job. They're nice ladies who just want to get their job over with. About me: I wouldn't call myself too strict but I'm not overly lenient. I prefer to keep things as orderly as possible to prevent any unwanted mishaps. I love meeting new friends, but I'm not too quick to jump and give my everything to someone new. If interested please reply. My email should be visible and I always have the tab open. So I should notice within 1-5 hours. Only exceptions being me going to work or class. Any questions, comments, or concerns can also be addressed here just in case someone else is wondering. Thank you.
  3. Aloft room: 2 spaces available

    Bump. Willing to allow a total of 3 just to lower the price.
  4. Contacts?

    I need amber/orange/gold eyes for a cosplay. However, last time I paid for some overseas pairs, they were all extremely thick, uncomfortable, and what I can guess were the wrong size. Anyone know what's the best place to get an eye exam in Chicago? I was considering a Pearl Vision but I don't know if they even sell unnatural eye colors. My budget is $150 for the eyes and anything I can get under that is fine. I also need them by May 10th since I'll be finalizing my cosplays and will need to have everything perfect and in order.
  5. Aloft room: 2 spaces available

    Just an update, I have others asking me about the room. Not here, though. Any word? I'd like to get something of assurance.
  6. Contacts?

    Alright, this was really helpful. However: 1. Got any recommended places for an exam? I'm trying for JC Penny since my grandmother used to go there. But at the same time I'd rather not end up paying twice as much as if I went to Walmart or something. 2. So I checked out extreme and I'm a bit worried. I've been to plenty of contact online stores, however all their images and lenses types all seem the same. How do I know that, if I'm approved, that their yellow isn't the same as another's? Any brands I should look for specifically? My eyes are rather dark as well. Also, since I'm on the ACen time limit, which has the best shipping? I like the way pinky looks, but if based outside the US, I doubt it'd make it in time since I recall ordering a pair from London once and getting it over a month later. All that wasted money.
  7. Gun question

    I have a rubber gun that's incapable of even being used since it has no trigger at all, however, I've lost the orange tip. It will be in a holster, but should I paint the tip orange anyway?
  8. Aloft room: 2 spaces available

    This is fine. You're the first an only to take the offer so it's still open to you.
  9. Aloft room: 2 spaces available

    Jesus, I would have replied immediately. Could have sworn I set email alerts for any replies. I do have room. Still interested?