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  1. Hello and looking for friends

    Guess this wasnt the best way to do this...
  2. Hello and looking for friends

    Zombies & faerys & monsters oh my at 630. Whose line is it anime at 1015. And then going to the soap bubble
  3. Hello and looking for friends

    I will be at the anime hell and midnight madness if anyone would like to meet up
  4. Hello and looking for friends

    be glad to as well, when I get an event schedule on Friday ill be sure to post what Im going to in here. pls you and anyone else wanting to meet do the same! also feel free to send messages to my profile to start to get to know each other before hand
  5. Hello and looking for friends

    Yay. room for ACen is booked. usually have this taken care of way ahead, cutting it close this year. Can't wait, only two weeks left
  6. Hello and looking for friends

    Thanks. Everyone seems really friendly so far :) . hoping I can meet alot of people when I go.
  7. Hello and looking for friends

    Cool I played swtor for a while but was playing wow still at the time and eventually stopped cause of rbg schedule made it hard to keep up with it. I like ff online but lost interest due to not many people to play with. Im in an cross game cross faction guild but it sucks when they dont play an mmo cause it kinda confines you to the games they support. As for ff single player games I got mad at the newest ones for their forcable linear storyline but I like 7, 10, 10 2 and think the new one coming should be good. Do you play the mmo? I canceled my subscription but it was cause I didnt really have people to play with and lost interestbut would be looking for people to play with if I started up again. I have access to a mumble chat server as well for use.
  8. Hello and looking for friends

    Well I was thinking id try to hang out with a few groups or people maybe try to find an event someone absolutely recommends and go with them to that. That way I can try to meet alot of people. Is there an event your group always speaks highly of or something they are specifically excited about? Speaking of I want to try to plan out my three days. Is there a complete event schedule posted? Last time I went I didnt see one online and only got one when I arrived. Do they post it here in forums perhaps?
  9. Hello and looking for friends

    Unfortunately I was only able to take off three days for work so only have the 16 17 18 off work :(
  10. Hello and looking for friends

    Just me and my wife. We have gone together both times. But other than that its just us.
  11. Hello and looking for friends

    Cool I love zelda and KH. Never played persona but my friends say good things about it. Ive switched over to mmo's alot as I like playing with others and the unique experience people make a game to be. Used to play wow alot for like 4 years but I played pvp and didnt like where it was going. I tried final fantasy online but it didnt hold my interest. Currently trying elder scrolls online which I like how its going but have yet do dive into pvp which is usually my make or break subject in an mmo. If there are any games you play online I do look for two player games and online strategy games to play with people.
  12. Hello and looking for friends

    Same to you. what games do you play?
  13. Hello and looking for friends

    Cool I havent heard accel world or log horizon so I'll have to look those up and try them.As for cosplay I didn't really think about it my first ACen, this time I wanted to but couldn't decide on a char or afford the stuff for an outfit :(
  14. Hello. To start this will be my third time going to ACen and im looking to do more than just enjoy the convention. Im looking to introduce myself to new people and find some new friends with common interests. Ive always been really into gaming and over the years I find myself getting more and more into anime. Alot of my close friends from high school and college have been getting jobs out of state and such and its just not the same without them. So my solution is to find new friends and with my growing anime and my always present video game interest I figured ACen would be a great place to meet some people with the same interests. A little about myself would be im 25/m. I live an hr and a half away from the convention in IL. To give an example of my anime taste I grew up on dbz and inuyasha and gundam. My more recent anime likes are code geass,SAO and such. I tend to either like action/ drama anime or comedy anime. As for video games, which would be the other half of how I like to spend my free time. I like mmo rpgs, currently playing elder scrolls online. Besides that I like rts games like c&c and age of empires games as well as the total war series and many fps and single player story lines. Finished last of us recently and playing beyond two souls right now. No spoilers pls :)/> Well im sure this post is long enough. If youd like to know more pls message me or post in reply. I hope to meet some of you at the convention! Arcken