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  1. Hey everyone, I'm Andy and I look like this: To everyone who complimented me or stopped me to comment on my costumes or took my picture, I love you all! I'm here looking for any of the following: The Zelda I took a selfie with outside of registration right when I first came into the hall dressed as Link. You made me so happy! You were my first interaction with anyone in that costume. The guy in all pink with the Pink Beard who stopped me at the back of the dealers hall when I was dressed as Taako who was new to TAZ but super stoked about seeing Taako. I love you and hope you enjoy the rest of the show and maybe cosplay in the future! The Kamina I tapped on the shoulder who shouted “Oh my god, you’re a BEAUTIFUL Link!!!†It was the best compliment I heard all weekend. The person who said “You’re the only Link I’ve seen who had their hair on point†like… bless? Sitting with a bunch of Links before the Zelda photoshoot (a Chain of Links!) and just shooting the crap for about an hour beforehand. If any of y’all see this hmu. Especially Spencer, what up my dude? The guy who was attending his first convention ever and first rave ever in the red jacket who partied with me all night at Synergy and was just so very screwing sweet! I think you told me your name and I don’t remember </3 I’m so sorry! The dude dressed in all white and a kind of safari get up (probably a Jojo character??) who danced at/with me all night and offered to get me ice when I twisted my ankle. The guy with Viserys Targaryen hair who danced with me ridiculously to the remix of Born to Make History that Amaya played at the Soap Bubble. The MANY MANY other Taakos that I met throughout the weekend, especially those that showed up to the Hyatt early for the photoshoot and sat around chatting with me beforehand! I’m sure there are other people I spoke to or partied with. If you saw me or wanted to connect, lemme know! I had so much fun and am exhausted, but already excited about next year! Thanks for making this weekend amazing!
  2. Legend of Zelda 2017

    The Zelda photoshoot is scheduled for Friday at 5 PM! Who's going to be there?
  3. Evangelion 2016

    Hey! I'll be cosplaying as Kaworu~ I haven't settled on Rebuild or Original yet (since all that really changes is the color of his shirt lol) but I'm excited to see you all there!
  4. Osomatsu-san

    Hey hey! I'll be cosplaying Ichimatsu! Unfortunately, all the series I am cosplaying from have photoshoots REALLY CLOSE together, so I may be a little flighty. However, I'd love to get pictures with you guys!
  5. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    Every time I cosplay Bridget from Guilty Gear I get mistaken for Rosette from Chrono Crusade. WHICH IS TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE! Hahah The first time it annoyed me a little, but overtime it became pretty funny and actually to the point where Rosette cosplayers would get pictures with me pointing at the differences in our costumes. :>