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  1. Handicapped Access

    Anime Central's Sweet 16th is right around the corner, and we've all been working hard to provide another exciting convention for you. Our Special Needs Dept. is here to make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy everything that ACen has to offer, regardless of medical conditions, physical challenges or any other circumstance that might limit your full participation in all the fun. Or staff is experienced, understanding and will keep any personal information you may need to discuss in the strictest confidence. Just stop by either of our Special Needs Help Desks and we'll work with you to de-hinder your hinderences. You can find is in the Stephens Convention Center at the entrance to the Registration Dept. where those needing special considerations can get their badges, any special passes required for ease of access, as well as MedicInfo cards, which are our version of the Medic Alert bracelets that provide your most important medical and contact info, just in case our EMS team is needed. Our hours there are the same as Registration's. You can also get our services, except badge pick up, at our main location in the Hyatt. We're in the Grand Boardroom on the first floor (Entry Level) in the hallway leading from the main building to the Ballroom annex, right between the Customer Service desk and the Ladies' restroom. Any complaints about accessability can be directed to either location, where we'll dispatch a Manager to correct the problem immediately. This location operates all weekend, closing only at night from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. But if needed, our Manager can be reached during those hours through IRT. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a wheelchair rental company willing to supply rentals at-con, but we can provide a list of local companies that you can make arrangements with yourself. If you already know that you'll be needing to rent a chair or scooter over the weekend, I need to rent a scooter myself and can steer you to the company I get mine from. Keep in mind that this is not an official endorsement by Anime Central, it's just my own recommendation based my personal experience. Call Mark Drugs at 630-825-2525 a week or so before the convention. They'll take your payment info at that time, so have your credit card handy, and they'll have your wheelchair or scooter waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive. I've been renting from them for 7 years now, and never had a problem. New in 2013. In response to several complaints from those with respiratory difficulties being forced to walk through the designated smoking area in front of the Hyatt, we're attempting to provide a bypass around that area so that those with smoke related issues can enter and leave the hotel unscathed. The ballroom entrance, which is between the street and the smoking area, will be freed up to accomodate increased traffic flow. We'll be closely observing the law prohibiting smoking within 15 feet of the doorway (Sorry Hookah club, that means you too) and will be asking everyone to please refrain from smoking anywhere along the short length of sidewalk connecting that entrance to the street. To help in getting everyone's attention on this, we'll be posting extra staff members with large signs at each end of that bypass area Friday and Saturday when the pedestrian traffic is at its heaviest. Please help in this effort by spreading the word to as many people as you can. We're not trying to wipe out smoking here, we just want to make it less intrusive. So come on and enjoy yourself, we've already removed the barriers for you. If you have any questions or need to make special arrangements, you can contact me directly at adacompliance-dh@ACen.org
  2. Need Gluten-Free Food planning help :(

    I just did a Grubhub search for Vegetarian and Healthy and came up with 31 results. https://www.grubhub.com/search/9300_Bryn_Mawr_Ave_Rosemont,_IL_60018_ll_41.981035,-87.858735/?cuisine=62%2C31 Hope that helps.
  3. Smoking Area Bypass @ Hyatt

    The same designated smoking area remains where it has always been, right outside the main entrance to the Hyatt. This is just an alternate doorway closer to the street which will allow those with allergies and respiratory difficulties to enter and leave without being forced to go through the smoke.
  4. I just want to clarify that this isn't necessarily the reason ravenfinch hasn't heard back on his or her application yet. Out Staffing people get a lot of applications to slog through, plus about 20 deadlines are coming due Monday. They have to handle all that while leading their own lives outside the convention. They all volunteer their own time for this duty, which pretty much puts it under the definition of a hobby. Paying the rent and feeding the family always has to come first. Be patient. If there's a job for you, you'll hear back.
  5. Speaking as a manager, this is a point that I feel many people can benefit from. When you communicate by writing, that represents you. How you do things, and the amount of care and intelligence you put into the things you do. That is the recipient's first and only impression of you, be it a forum post, a job application or even just tweeting. If what you send looks rushed, sloppy and full of mistakes, that's how you're saying you're going to do the job you're applying for. Of course, stating an ulterior motive doesn't help your case much either. If you put some serious effort into it, pay attention to spelling and grammar, remember capitalization and punctuation and double check for typos before you send it, then you're telling people that you're an intelligent and organized hard worker that pays attention to what you're doing. Show people that you're worth taking a risk on, and they usually will.
  6. Special Needs?

    I checked with the IRT DH today, and it's good news. They're going to be supervising the elevators again this year, so we all get to use them again.
  7. Special Needs?

    I'f a disabled guest has trouble getting on an elevator in the Hyatt because of crowds, we can assist in getting them up to their floor by different means, but I don't understand what you're referring to as an elevator pass. Could you please tell me more about it? IRT's involvement with the elevators appeared to be pretty successful last year, so I imagine that they'll be keeping a sharp eye on that area again. I'll ask their DH next time I see her to make certain, but I'm confident that if anyone needs a break, they'll get it. As always, just stop by our desk when you arrive and we'll do what we can to make sure whatever it is that slows you down, doesn't.
  8. Special Needs?

    Definitely stop by one of our locations when you arrive. We'll evaluate your needs and make whatever accommodations necessary to help make sure you don't miss any of the fun.
  9. Special Needs?

    No problem at all. Just stop by either of our locations when you arrive. We'll evaluate her needs and make whatever special arrangements will be needed to accommodate them. And just in case you do happen to get separated, we'll also give her one of our MedicInfo Cards, which attaches her most vital medical info to her badge, having it ready and available to our EMRT staff should they be needed. In the Stephens, we're right at the entrance to Registration, and in the Hyatt, we're on the first floor next to the big Customer Service desk.
  10. In response to those who have reported difficulties caused by being routed through the Designated Smoking Area in front of The Hyatt, Anime Central will be attempting to provide a smoke-free bypass around this space. To do this, the Ballroom Entrance located partway up the driveway will be freed up to accommodate increased traffic flow, the law prohibiting smoking within 15 feet of this doorway will be observed and we're asking all attendees to please refrain from smoking anywhere along the length of sidewalk connecting that entrance to the street. We hope we can count on everyone's cooperation in making this work. Questions can be directed to adacompliance-dh@ACen.org.
  11. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    Then you're one of the people we're doing this for. Yes, enforcement WOULD be ideal, but since this isn't an official policy yet, we're going to have to depend on voluntary cooperation for the time being. Although I am still hoping that IRT can spare an op or two for this area.
  12. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    I like the idea. I'm a smoker too, and would love to have some cover out there. Unfortunately for us, the Hyatt's real picky about things being erected on their property. They won't even let us put up signs, so I highly doubt they'd approve of anything like a canopy. We tobacco addicts are just going to have to get into the habit of carrying umbrellas if we want to smoke out there during nasty weather. What new designated areas? Are you referring to the new smoke-free hotel access? There's no smoking there. That's the plan. I'm attempting to get the word out through ALL available media outlets. After that, the only option left is attendees like you telling their fellow con goers who don't read what we publish.
  13. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    I wish we could, but it's not our property. We have no say so at all about where the smoking areas are located. The best that we're able to offer so far is to provide a bypass around it.
  14. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    No worries. Lots of people get the different entrances mixed up.
  15. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    If I can get the cooperation of the people in charge of these things, I want to publicize it on the web site, in the newsletter, on Facebook and Tweeter, and hopefully, in a prominent space in the convention guide. Word of mouth also works pretty well too. You tell two people about this, and they'll tell two people and they'll tell two people and so on. If this works, i'm hoping to get it made into an official convention policy, since this could also relieve much of the congestion from the smoking area by simple virtue of people preferring to use the Ballroom entrance anyway, since it's closer to the street.