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    I'm an artist, singer, dancer, and obviously, a cosplayer. You can usually find me lurking around the makeup help threads.

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  1. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    Saturday I was Cinder Fall from RWBY with a Nora Valkyrie
  2. RWBY 2015

    Do you mind if I use your photos for a profile picture on my tumblr? Your watermark would sadly be cropped out because I'm standing on the edges, but I could credit you. I don't have any other high-quality images of myself at the moment...
  3. RWBY 2015

    Ooh, I would love to shoot your Neo and Fox, they happen to be my boyfriend's favorite characters, ha Also I'd love to shoot with your Torchwick
  4. The Word Game!

  5. Looking For Makeup Artist

    Uh, I'm not a professional, but I think it's be better to learn on your own to do your cosplay makeup. Most stuff you can learn from online, and foundation and such certainly isn't something worth getting a makeup artist for. I learned how to do cosplay makeup on my own.
  6. Looking for earrings

    Claire's or Icing. icing, I believe is run by the same company as Claire's and it'll be easier to find less cartoonish earrings, since Claire's is also for children. I also found a good online eBay seller who hand makes her earrings, but I don't remember the name.
  7. Make your own temporary tattoo!

    How easily does this come off? I don't want people to wonder what's on my back after the convention XD
  8. how to make a sickle?

    Either check this forum for help or use a sword tutorial, just modify the blades shape As for materials, I believe anything that isn't real metal is acceptable. Check the rules either on ACen's home page or on the forums, there's a thread somewhere asking about props.
  9. Gift ideas?

    A lot of the things are kinda difficult to send places without them like... Possibly exploding somehow. Scents aren't necessarily a big part of it either, since not everyone likes perfumed things, but I'm trying my best
  10. Aberford

    I found this really cool game on tumblr that's coming out called Aberford. You play as one of four 50's Housewives, battling in a zombie apocalypse It seems like it's still a work in progress, and its Kickstarter's... Somewhere over the rainbow, but you should go look at it. Their tumblr is sketchypandagames.
  11. Offensive or Empowering? Women, Fanservice & Anime

    I would love to see this panel
  12. Arda Wigs questions

    So for my Cinder Fall cosplay, Cinder has a few flicks of hair here and there that stick up a bit. I got a Ferrari and didn't do anything to it yet, other than separating the flicks from anything else. I've heard using heat works, but is that good on its own? Like just a straight iron? I'm 'new to wigs so I don't want to use too many styling products (I'm a bit scared that when I wash them out I'll ruin the wig's waves >~<) However, the flicks themselves are small areas I can wash out if I need to.
  13. Painting Stretchy Fabric

    I know about heat setting and such, and I've tested everything to make sure, but do you know if washing is extremely important? It's a dress and it's already kind of weighed down at strange places, and there's some ribbon on it
  14. Gift ideas?

    I was thinking of that too at first, but the things I was thinking of getting her were quite expensive for the amount they sold (not to mention the store gives me a huge headache when I walk in)
  15. Question about stretchy fabric If you paint it, should you stretch it out while doing so? And if so… How? I'm using Lacquard Lumiere for the paint, and the fabric is very stretchy and thin, sort of feels like a thicker pair of tights... I've confirmed I can iron it and I need to test paint on it, but I highly doubt it won't work. I just need to know if and how I should stretch it while painting