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  1. Oh my god, the forums are back and hopefully will not die out again!

  2. Cosplay Idea help?

    Hi! I know that ACen has just ended for the 2017 but the end of the con is always when you start coming up with ideas of things to wear to the next one. Recently, I was somehow able to get my Dad into watching Daiya no Ace and I think he is slowly beginning to like anime. Because of this, I would really find it cool if he could do a simple cosplay of an anime dad to pair with me. I've only been able to think of Honoka Kousaka and her barely seen dad (which gives a little freedom to what he can look like) but the Love Live outfits can get kind of complex. I know I've got a year ahead of me to work on this, so if anyone has any ideas then that would help me a lot!
  3. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    I wish I knew that quote a long time ago, there were so many cosplays I wasn't able to do because the character's shoes would be too difficult to find in real life. Can you believe ACen is five days?! I hope everyone can finish their con crunch in time!
  4. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    oops, didn't mean to post twice, sorry
  5. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Of course I think I'm done with my cosplay until I forget about what I'm going to wear for shoes. Outside of her mech, D.Va doesn't seem to be wearing shoes separate from what is basically a plug suit from Evangelion. It took me around 10 stores because apparently white flats are not in style anymore and I had to settle with white slip-on sneakers. I also snagged a pair of $5 sunglasses from the party store so I could wear Mozu with "Tinted Glasses" instead of my own glasses. I might have trouble seeing throughout the con but I've always loved putting a spin on the canon outfits.

    I think it would be better if you posted this on the ACen facebook page because the forums are not very active. I wish you luck in your proposal!
  7. Lines at ACen?

    For the masquerade, soap bubble and other large events, there will always be a very long line and some people start lining up almost an hour before it begins, including myself. ACen is the 3rd largest con in the country and there are thousands upon thousands of attendees, I really suggest for you to plan to wait for a bit for large events if you want a good seat. This is almost the same with guest autograph lines depending on how popular the guest is. The good part about waiting in line for a long time is that you can socialize with the people standing next to you since many people at the con may like the same anime that you do.
  8. Masquerade Time Length

    According to the guidebook schedule, it says it will take place from 6pm to 9pm. This is aside from waiting in line for an amount of time to try to get a good seat. If there are no technical difficulties that make set up take longer (this is a common thing that happens at Anime Midwest), then it probably will be between that time frame.
  9. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When someone pronounces "manga" wrong and you have to stop yourself before you correct them
  10. What's the last thing you ate?

    A single Butterfinger bar
  11. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I'm still a little confused on why Overwatch #2 is on Friday but I guess it doesn't really make a difference. I'm sad to see that everyone on the forums was so stressed out about this, especially since the forums are almost dead nowadays. Hooray for social media. Also, even though this has nothing to do with gatherings, the public document for the panel programming that was sent to panelists was closed to the public as well. We'll have to wait and see how the guidebook looks this year.
  12. Overwatch

    oops i didn't mean to double post
  13. Overwatch

    I'm going to be there as a baseball au D.Va cosplay! It's still a work in progress but I'm hoping it will work out!
  14. Countdown From A Million!

  15. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    I'm actually wearing two cosplays this year instead of only one for multiple days! For Friday, I'm planning to bring back Mozu (especially for the Fire Emblem gathering that day) and maybe retire her after this ACen even though she's super comfy to wear. On Saturday I'm attempting a sort of baseball au version of D.Va from Overwatch. I was able to find a version of her suit that are only leggings so I don't have to worry about bathroom issues just in case. Sunday would probably just be normal clothes so I could do some last minute purchases in the Dealer's Hall or something.