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  1. The ACen Forums...are up and running! (OuO)  Let's hope it doesn't go down again, anytime soon that is...Happy to be back though! <3

  2. My views on ACen 2017

    I am going to whinge on to two things here: guests and cosplay gatherings. So my view on the guest list has not changed somewhat. Since it was ACen's 20th Anniversary, I was expecting to see more new faces but this year more than half were all returnees. Now, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing but c'mon, there are other names out there that I am positive that even ACen might be able to get if they act right now. But hey, one seiyuu, however...after seeing the announcement of one, I thought it might be possible to see more but we didn't. Again, with ACen being the biggest in the midwest and a growing number of attendees, I thought we would get more. I'm not much of fashion person but that part seems to be well done in getting guests for. The music side, it already seems to be heavily well maintained in DJs and musical guests but it doesn't make up the lack of new faces of voice actors and voice actresses, more seiyuu, and mangaka to be brought into the ACen scene. Hopefully, ACen 2018 can provide us more of those. Again, I'm not saying it's impossible but I do think despite the fact that Japan and the Midwest are like 12 some hours apart we have already gotten guests from Japan but just not from the industry that a lot of us ACen goers want. I say that with the fact that we have already seen quite a few requests on the ACen forums regarding what certain Japan industry and guests we want. Lastly, the cosplay gatherings. So much stuff happened this year that I won't even touch upon considering that it was a constant battle up to when ACen was literally around the corner. First, let me talk about those cosplay gathering flags. So, some friends and even other con goers saw that the flags were not even set out to other locations despite the fact that the convention had already opened and it was pretty much quite into the afternoon hours soon to be hitting the evenings. Only one number flag was set and that was Cosplay Gathering 9. The weather this year was just outright terrible on Friday and Saturday so juggling between rain location and the regular location was all over the place considering that even when it was cold or rained people still went to the regular location instead of the backup. Secondly, the area that cosplay gathering 9 was located this year...For the love of ACen, I cannot believe that cosplay gathering 9 was put right next to the extremely loud voice auditions. Now, when I said extremely loud, hell it was EXTREMELY DEAFENING. The one cosplay gathering shoot that I went to, which was held at cosplay gathering 9, the poor host, he had to scream and was just about as loud as the voice auditions were, luckily. Now, some might say, "Maybe bring a megaphone next time." And no, just no. Hell, I didn't even think the voice auditions were going to be blasted into our ears but it did. I don't know why cosplay gathering 9 couldn't be put in the original place it was last year like nearby the entrance into the dealer's hall. It was so much more convenient that way for cosplayers and hosts of the shoots. Now, I haven't been to ACen too long as many others but with the movement of things having been shifted, I couldn't read the map for the life of me. I walked around the whole dealer's hall looking for cosplay gathering 9 to only realized I actually passed it after having come back around. It was literally inside another hallway or whatever that place was called but I had to go up a small grounded ramp. Anime Central 2018, I really do hope brings more than than what it usually brings. Yea, it has brought some of the requests we wanted but the past few years that I have gone, I honestly do think ACen can do better for their 21st anniversary. As for the cosplay gathering locations...can we please, work on that somehow? I don't know how it will be worked upon but every year with the growing attendees, even the tower overhang gets packed with smokers. This year was no different as I attended shoots to get pics that were at the tower overhang and oh boy, was it always packed tight with smokers. Luckily, enough to move them to the sides for some space but wasn't enough to get some distance in between.
  3. Hunter x Hunter 2017

    Another bump! So due to circumstances that was beyond my control. The Hunter x Hunter cosplay gathering will be running at an extended 30 minutes so making it 1 hour instead. Please scroll up to the first post to see the changes and further information!
  4. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Despite the final draft of the cosplay gatherings schedule being announced, I do believe it should still be amended for the mistakes that were on there. At least on the app, if they can't deal with the printed booklet because it's undergoing to be printed, that's fine. However, a lot of things were done this year (pertaining to the cosplay gatherings) that even shocked me beyond belief. Never had I ever witnessed such a thing were the google spreadsheet of the Anime Central cosplay gatherings be blocked from the public's viewing. In the past years, that google spreadsheet was an overview and a guide that us, the ACen goers, got to be a part of the making process. Then to suddenly have something be done behind our backs without informing the public about it, makes it seems we were taken advantage of. Take myself for an example, I am the host of the Hunter x Hunter cosplay gathering. It was suppose to be running 30 minutes in which I submitted for but now, despite the promise of having it run at it's original time, I am having to change all my plans since it's running 1 hour against my will. The answer, I get is to just to go and leave it in the hands of the cosplayers if I needed to be elsewhere and can't commit to the full 1 hour. In a sense, I felt like I've just been to told to "f*ck off, it's beyond your control, deal with it, but thank you for submitting a gathering" when we all know, a certain cosplay gathering would not exist if a host didn't submit for it. Furthermore, I believe that is the control we always had over which is the cosplay gatherings. As cosplay gathering hosts plan what kind of gathering they will have and the time and location change if needed. This is only my fourth year at ACen (in a row) so I may have not encountered a lot of issues or things that you may have but I like to say that I've done my share on the forums by contributing and being active. For the first time ever, the cosplay gathering schedule that we helped made, has been altered with such changes I have never encountered. One of them being that the times were changed beyond the hosts' knowledge. Two, cosplay gatherings that were originally submitted have been removed or moved to a different time spot. Three, cosplay gatherings that weren't on there before the deadline ended has appeared. Last time I checked, if you didn't submit one by the last deadline, you were not going to get one in. The "final draft" of the cosplay gathering google spreadsheet seems like it was created for the reason being so that we knew specifically what shoots were submitted. That's how it's always been done. What disappoints me even more so is that a lot of the 30 minute hosts DO NOT realize that their cosplay gatherings are now running at 1 full hour because they're busy with life at the moment and didn't have the chance yet to take a look at the google spreadsheet. However, now they can't even take a look because it's not longer in public view and some do not know that they already announced the final draft of the cosplay gathering but most people won't even know how to find it. I didn't realize I had to navigate through x this and x that to see the cosplay gathering schedule until my friends told me how to get there. I can see why people are stressed out as I am stressed myself. My scheduled plans of ACen is changed along with my cosplay line ups too because of the time changes of the cosplay gathering schedule that was done beyond my control. How would anyone not be stressed, frustrated, or angry when the cosplay gathering schedule was suppose to be our control? And when I say control, I meant it in a good sense because we contribute to it, as the ACen goers, MAKE THE COSPLAY GATHERING SCHEDULE. Yes, we know Millions_Knives is a busy person as he is also staff of a different department and has a life but what he did to the 30 minute cosplay gatherings does not justify. There seems to be many strings pulled this year with the cosplay gathering and it doesn't even make me happy one bit due to the fact that we aren't even getting answers and then being told nothing because they 'finally seem to have taken our concerns into acknowledgement' but we yet to see changes made.
  5. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I would like to know why my shoot still says it is running 1 hour when you clearly changed it back on the google document spreadsheet back to 30 minutes? I know that 2 other 30 minute hosts can back me up on this since you also changed theirs back from 1 hour as well. Therefore, I thought that I didn't have to worry about such a thing as sending you a message since I already voiced it on the forums here back on March 20, 2017. Before I also continue, I know that I submitted that Hunter x Hunter gathering for 30 minutes. Furthermore, since the official cosplay schedule came out, it seems that some photoshoot gatherings that were on that that google document spreadsheet is no longer there on the official one. Is there any good explanations for these happenings?
  6. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    So I like to chime in here and give my perspective... Well, this ACen will be my 4th year. In a way, I still consider myself a new ACen goer but that aside, I attended my first year with my brother but I was the only one that have been returning since, lols. Since then, I've just been flying in solo from and to, to Anime Central. At first, yea, I did consider it lonely but I had fun. I've made some of the best friends that I never thought would be possible. I don't really remember how we became friends as it just somehow happened, I guess, but we did have similar tastes and interests that brought us even closer. However, I feel that going solo, from my Anime Central experience, if you are enjoying yourself and as long as you are having fun, it's not so bad at all. There's a good reason why I have still been coming to this convention and it's because of the cosplay gatherings and if any of the panels are of interests to me, I also go to panels but if I don't like it the I don't stay. I keep myself busy so I'm always on my feet. ^_^ Truth to be told, I really don't shop at the Dealer's Hall at all, lmfao. I know that everyone has their own reasons and their own things to do at a convention but mine was to get pictures of my favorite characters and series and go to check out panels at Anime Central. Again, even if it does get lonely, don't forget about yourself first. Do you go to have fun? Are you enjoying yourself? Or why do you continue to go to a convention? Yea, the seat next to me in a panel or whatever event that's going on may not have any of my friends but it doesn't stop me from treating myself to some fun that I came for to get away from reality for just a short weekend. One thing I can say as some have already stated and I may put it into my own words but at times, just branch out to people. That circle you're in, you can only be in it for so long so just reach out and experience it. Also, again, importantly, don't forget about yourself.
  7. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    We didn't even get a heads up about what's been happening with the gathering photoshoots google spreadsheet and now, we have people asking why public viewing has been taken down. Yet, when someone asks you kindly for information about a shoot you don't want to "accidentally give people out of date info" that contradicts the fact that what is on the google spreadsheet was supposed to be final updates? Nothing makes sense from your side of the end either. You are the one who is in charge of the gatherings and is our only direct line of contact! Yet you're saying that you're "Still waiting for the clear just like everyone else." only makes it more suspicious. It is making a lot of us on edge here. If you can't give us information that was supposed to be final, then who will?
  8. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    So...what was the reason why the photoshoot google spreadsheet was taken down? I see that we no longer have public access to view it. Although, that had never happened before as it never was even "taken down from the public eye" even after the convention was over. It let us know what photoshoots were there even if we missed it in the current year but hopefully it would be there next following year. That public access to the spreadsheet was a great deal for those that don't use facebook or don't have an account with the forums. There are people who have been busy and didn't even get the chance yet to see what time and location their shoot will be at. Unless, all photoshoot heads are getting an email or message notification sometime soon? Furthermore, we plan ahead to go to the ones that are on there before the convention starts so that we can also coordinate with panel times and go see what panels we want to see since we don't really get access to the panel list except for panelists. I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping it up or even bringing it back live to the public eye. That spreadsheet is a guide for many of us cosplayers and panelists or just regular con goers, to take it down from the public viewing makes it seems suspicious. And as for the link to the guide, why on earth does it say "2012" when its like 2017? Just bring the photoshoot google speadsheet back up to the public viewing, it's not fair to those who have not had the chance to see their photoshoot times yet. Also, if this guide is getting updated, what difference does it make when there will be a 2017 one coming on the guidebook app?
  9. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Okay per Jenya, I also have on my screen that the posted picture in which I circled in red has a broken link. In which was the picture that showed the places of the gathering photoshoot locations. Will it be fixed soon? I also use that map as a guidance to plan out stuff before ACen hits around the corner.
  10. K Project 2017

    So that's where you disappeared to, lols. Don't know for sure but I might come as second season Anna.
  11. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Million_Knives, I want to know why my Hunter x Hunter gathering which was ORIGINALLY running 30 minutes - as per my submission - is now running at a 1 full hour? I didn't receive any email or messages regarding the changes. Actually, I would have liked to be asked first if I wanted a time extension or not before these changes were even done. I made it 30 minutes because I believe it to be enough time with my previous encounters of this gathering. Also, a lot of time consideration was put into place between my co-host and I being busy as well with wanting to attend other gatherings, panels, and events that are taking place. I also co-host another gathering and saw that it went from 30 minutes to a full hour. Actually, even some gatherings that I had planned on going to that were only 30 minutes long are now also an hour long, too. So, can you explain why this was done so?
  12. Male Idol Anime 2017

    Yes, they are! Whatever uniform you wear, doesn't matter. :3
  13. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Okay, okay...let's be rational here. This coming ACen will be my fourth year coming and I just gotta say, having been to ACen awhile now, even I can tell which places are more suitable and vice versa for certain gatherings. Especially, since a lot of these gathering hosts have gone to ACen for nearly how long it's been around, why not accommodate to the gathering host's request if there are no current conflicts and they have the knowledge behind it's popularity? After all, they did not only take the amount of cosplayers into consideration but also the amount of people that will be there for pictures. I'm NOT saying that currently where the schedule stands, it should be revised for all gatherings but let's be real, some of these places are indeed too small for certain VERY POPULAR fandoms. Now, I may not be a fan of some of these popular series BUT I do think, some of them need more space or moved to a bigger area and vice versa. For example, I do believe Square Enix Gathering, on the day and time that it has been schedule, should probably get all of the four loading docks since this company have a lot of titles under their name and moreover, there will obviously be a lot of people there to take pictures. Also adding in to what magishine said, I'm also wondering why they - IdolM@ster gathering - just can't combine with the Female Idol gathering? I'm sure if they - the gathering hosts - talked, a compromise can be made with no conflicts since they are basically the same fandom. I'm not saying that decisions currently on the schedule are all wrong but some of them, do need some changes considering how very popular they are.