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  1. Hey, I currently have a double bed room in the crown plaza, however, I would prefer to have a double bed room in the Embassy suites. I am willing to trade, but if someone just has an embassy room and doesn't need another, ill just give the crown room to someone else. May 18th - 20th for the dates. Thanks!
  2. Looking for Available Room

    The room itself. But thanks for the offer regardless.
  3. I'm looking for a room not needed anymore/ a dropped room. Preferable Double Tree, but any right by the convention center is fine. Thanks~
  4. In Need of Spare Room

    Due to unexpected events, Me and 3 friends are now in need of a room for ACen. Therefore, if anyone has a spare room at any of the hotels closest to the convention center, it would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you :3 FOUND. Thanks :3