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  1. A Cosplay Review Blog~

    Hello all! I was hoping that you would support me at my new blog at wordpress.com. I will be reviewing cosplay costumes and props and providing info for awesome cosplay sites as well as insporation and support for those with cosplay issues. Thank you very much! TheKagamineCosplayer : Wordpress.com
  2. A Vocaloid Dance Party?

    ~Len and Rin here, with a Voca-kinda idea!~ I'm proposing that we have a meet-up for those cosplaying Vocaloid to have a Dance★Party! We could just have an area planned out, and play a whole bunch of songs from Project Diva, and other sources, and just dance to our hearts content! I wasn't quite sure where to put this since the Gatherings section seemed more for photo shoots...
  3. IRT is hiring for 2014!

    Quick questions As part of the IRT staff, are you required to work a certain number of hours? Also, do you still get to cosplay and attend panels and events and such? Just curious.
  4. A gun-like prop?

    I have a question dealing with props. A friend and I want to do a color guard skit this year, and we wanted to bring our flags and a color guard rifle. I'm just wondering if it's against the rules to bring a color guard rifle, it will be the exact same as the one listed below but will be painted yellow. http://www.algyteam.com/equipment/equipment-rifles/elite-3-rifle-36-inch-wstrap.html
  5. Cosplaying Musicians

    ~Len and Rin Kagamine here~ Rin and I will be cosplaying musicians this year. She will be bringing her flute, where as I will be either bringing my violin or a keyboard. I hope to see you there and maybe we can jam!
  6. Vocaloid 2014

    🌠~Len and Rin here!~ 🊠This year, a good friend and I are going to be cosplaying Len and Rin Kagamine. We hope to see many faces of the other vocaloids and make new friends. â¤