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  1. Other Cons this year? (Doesn't have to be anime)

    As a staff member I don't think anyone would act creepy towards you but you'd probably get some rude people I guess. I've never been staff so idk but as for generic rude/creepy people I'd say: -If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable stay away from them. It's easier to do this in groups, but if you don't have a group you can always find any friendly cosplayers (maybe from an anime/fandom/game you like?) and explain to them what's happening if the creep is tailing you. I guess this one is more for your friends than you but also if anyone is doing this you can talk to a staff member and tell them what's happening. Especially if this person is catcalling or harassing you in any way, tell a staff member and it will be dealt with. -The later it gets, the more people will be drinking. It's just a good idea to steer clear of people who have been drinking a lot, especially if you're younger. -If anyone asks you for your personal info, give it at your own risk. If you're uncomfortable with them asking, don't give it to them. That's common sense but just know it's okay to turn down people you aren't comfortable talking to. -I would advise you not to go to room parties if you're worried about creeps. ESPECIALLY if you're underage. If there's any drinking going on and you're not 21, you can probably get in trouble even if you're not drinking, or the host could get in trouble too. If you attend any room parties at all, go with someone you trust I guess. Idk if there's anything more specific you want to know you can always message me! I don't think I'd be able to travel that far but thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Other Cons this year? (Doesn't have to be anime)

    Ah, thanks!!! This really helps!
  3. Other Cons this year? (Doesn't have to be anime)

    I have to figure all this out lol. I'm trying to go to a bunch of cons this year, but in doing so I'll probably have to go for making cheaper cosplay and bringing back some old ones. Oh why was I not born rich!? It would make con life SOOO much easier!!!
  4. Other Cons this year? (Doesn't have to be anime)

    Thanks, I'll look into that! I was thinking of IndyPopCon but I feel like it'll be crazy again this year (I heard last year it was supposed to be a smaller, more laid back con and all the Markiplier/JSE fans completely took over it and it got all crazy which kinda sucks because I know I'd love to meet them). I've never been to Midwest, but I've heard good things from my friends. It's located in the same area as ACen, it's just during July instead of May. For me personally, ACen is great (normally), there have been a lot of things to do there, but there are a lot of people too. There have been some pretty cool flashmobs there the past 3 years I think. It's really big and theoretically you could probably spend the whole time there doing things if you didn't need to sleep or shower and if you had the money to eat there. It's definitely a fun experience, you just have to remember that with all the people there you're gonna run into some rude people or creeps, whereas there isn't as much of that at smaller cons. I heard Midwest has some sort of free Mtn. Dew and Ramen thing though? Dunno if it's limited or if you get a wristband or something but thats kind of nice. Sorry, if you want more specific experiences let me know!
  5. Hey guys! I saw this was already kind of a topic but I made another one because I can't really travel far. Last year I had a really bad time at ACen and as much as I love going I need to take a break this year. Last year was unenjoyable and uneventful for me. While I got some great merch, I had a lot of health problems from before the con that came with me. On top of all that I feel like there were waaaay too many people smoking this year??? I mean to each their own but all the outdoor areas seemed to reek of not just cigarettes but pot. Ugh. But anyways! I'm looking to skip ACen this year and go to some other cons, perhaps smaller ones. I'm already looking into Anime Midwest, and I know of Anime World Chicago and Lake Count-i-Con. I'm looking for any cons in the Chicagoland or southern Wisconsin area, maybe western Indiana. It doesn't have to be anime. I know of Wizard World too but if I remember right that was really expensive, so preferably a con that is around the same price range as ACen or lower. It could be at any time of the year. If you also know of any in-character (anime or otherwise) meetups in the Chicagoland area those would be great too! I know I said any con but if anyone has one specifically in mind in any of these genres it would be great!: -Video games -Anime -Comic/Pop-Culture -Furry -YouTube (I don't think there are any around here but one can hope) Thanks!
  6. The Official "Did You Get My Photo?" Thread

    Hey, I was cosplayed as Squid Girl on Friday and Sunday (Sunday my contacts were starting to hurt so I may or may not have my red glasses on in pictures) and I know a lot of people took pics, so if anyone has any they'd be appreciated! I was also Sasha Braus from SnK on Saturday, if you have any pictures of me it'd be from either the SnK shoot or pics of me and my Connie Springer (probably fanservice pics, wink wonk). If you have any pics of my Connie either it'd be appreciated!
  7. Cosplay Photos in Dealer Hall

    I agree with everyone else. I think the bigger problem would be photographers who don't take the time to move out of the way because they want a picture so bad. I know every time I'm rushed into a picture and I can't really move I feel bad for passers by.
  8. 2015 Photo Thread!

    A lot of these links are broken. I believe it's because of the way ACen is/isn't capitalized in the albums. I think the website changes it, so your links will be broken if you don't capitalize it as "ACen" (vs. lowercase or only capitalizing the first letter).
  9. Gripes Against Individuals

    This is more geared towards some groups of people in general rather than individuals but the fact that half the substances being smoked at ACen this year seemed to smell like weed was terrible. I was one guy puffing out smoke in the exhibit hall (not sure if it was vapor or not, but I didn't think smoking indoors was allowed anyways). I've only been to ACen for 3 years now but I don't seem to remember this being as big of a problem the past few years. Not sure if there's anything that can really be done about that but it'd be really nice if I wasn't coughing up a lung every time I walked past a bunch of guys smoking weed or whatever :/
  10. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    I got a lot of positivity towards my Squid Girl cosplay I wore Friday and Sunday, I was wondering if anyone had pics of that (If you took pics Sunday I may/may not have accidentally left my glasses on for the picture.) Saturday I was Sasha Braus from SnK, but I think I was only in pictures with my Connie Springer aside from at the photoshoot on Saturday. If you have pictures of my Connie (the only one I know of at ACen this year) or I or both of us, I'd like to see! Any pictures from the SnK shoot would also be appreciated! As for myself, I'll have to upload all my picture stuff later.
  11. Feeling anxious/sick before ACen? Help!

    Wow, thanks! I'd thought there was something like that, just forgot I guess :3
  12. Feeling anxious/sick before ACen? Help!

    Thanks for all the advice guys! I've been doing much better today, so hopefully that's a step in getting better before ACen! I'm basically done with my cosplay too which is a big stressor off my shoulders ^^ EDIT: Does anyone know of a "quiet room" or anything of the likes if I suddenly feel overwhelmed? Right now I can only think of maybe an anime showing room with a nice easygoing anime playing or a restroom or a less-crowded area of maybe the Hyatt, or somewhere like the fountain outside the con center (it seems generally chill there except for all the smoking DX). I'm not sure I'd be wanting to walk all the way to my hotel room to try and calm down if need be.
  13. Feeling anxious/sick before ACen? Help!

    Hi all. I've been super hyped about ACen this year. The problem is, my health hasn't been. Since January of this year, I've had some fairly serious health problems. It started out with what we thought was a bad case of the flu, and turned out to be a large ovarian cyst (after 2 ER visits, multiple doctor visits and both an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound). I had surgery in March, and I believe I'm close to being 2 months out (I could be wrong, time's been kinda crazy this year for me). They had to take my ovary, but luckily I'm physically fine now. The problem is, I've suddenly been faced with anxiety, and I've never felt that before. It sucks a lot more than I could've imagined before all this. I get so anxious I start feeling a little sick (or maybe it's in my head) and it gets worse after that time of the month. My doctor prescribed me birth control to help with hormones and prevent more cysts but I've been even more anxious! At this point, there's no time to really ask my doctor about this before the con, so I was wondering if anyone had tips for me. I've noticed the anxiousness always happens after that time of the month, but it also seems to happen an hour or so before I take my meds. Has anyone else experienced feeling anxious (or even sick) at ACen? Any tips for me to help overcome it? I'm honestly so sick of not feeling well, but every time I start to feel better I just get worse again (which is scary, I'm too young to have crazy health problems!). I rarely feel comfortable with going places since all this, so ACen will be a HUGE leap for me (and hopefully a good one). I'm thinking a lot of it is psychologically not used to feeling normal anymore, even though I've improved a lot on that. Thanks ;w;
  14. SnK/Attack on Titan

    It's fine! We had some skit ideas but honestly we'll probably do something improvised. You're welcome to join us either way!
  15. Buy a badge for Saturday on Thursday?

    I might be wrong but I think also anyone under 12 actually gets in for free? It should say on the website. If thats the case, you'd just need to bring proof of age probably.