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  1. Who is Oda Nobunaga?

    This sounds awesome! I'm there!
  2. Hey Paisanos

    You should go as Metal Mario! Paint yourself all platinum!
  3. ACen newbie here~!

    The going to bed at a decent time is open to a very loose interpretation, however bathing is not, and people will like you better if you follow the con slogan "Got Soap?" Remember, only you can prevent con funk.
  4. Greetings~ Will be my first ACen!

    This exactly! I have been to Acens where it was mid 50's for 3 years in a row (mostly due to wind) and then randomly get super hot the next year. It was awful when I did my Hellboy cosplay and it hit 80. Oh, the horror, the red melty horror.
  5. 5 Letters Game

    Elephant trunks hold peanut butter! G U L Y D
  6. Hey Look! It's a Ninja!

    Ohhhh, I feel dumb. The way I read it, I thought it was a seperate card game, I didn't realize it was part of Yugioh. I can just feel the numbers in my Derp stat rising.
  7. 5 Letters Game

    Zebra's resurrected by intense lightning! Q T X J B
  8. ACen is always a blast! For first timers, I recommend Anime HELL on Fri nights, it truly is insanity personified. The Masquerade can be a little hit or miss depending on the skits, but the costumes are always top notch! Also, the pizza provider of ACen is Giordano's and quite possibly was made on Mt. Olympus, because it is almost too good for us mere mortals. Hope you have fun!
  9. Hey Look! It's a Ninja!

    Okay, I must be way out of the loop, but what in the 9 hells is Six Samurai? Last TCG I got into was Resident Evil, which has been discontinued (T_T).
  10. Veteran Challenger Reappears!

    DING DING DING! You win the grand prize! Which is that I won't de-rez you!
  11. Kawa kon

    Got my autograph! Woo hoo!
  12. After a nasty case of Con Burn...

    Either way welcome back! I guess I always loved the cons I've gone too, and always try to go. I guess I had a case of con burn after I graduated college, but it was more like post traumatic, holy crap I need a job stress that kinda bummed out that whole summer. But to hell with that! It was years ago! Hooray for ACen!
  13. Kawa kon

    I expected to pay, but Kawa Kon is horrible at updating their website for anything beyond the front news page, so I didn't know if they had a specific area for autographs set up or what. I may just turn into his creepy stalker on Sat. I have a complete Super Mario 64 that must have a signature on it!
  14. After a nasty case of Con Burn...

    Con-burn? Is that a thing?
  15. Kawa kon

    Just wondering if anyone is going to Kawa Kon in St Louis this weekend? I am going and I must get Charles Martinet's autograph, but I don't really know that con's autograph policy. Anyone here know anything?