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    anime, manga, video games, and animals. Favorite games include: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Phoenix Wright, and the Legend of Zelda series.

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  1. MangaMan here

    I grant him a power similar to Links new power in Link Between Worlds.
  2. MangaMan here

    Yeah, alot of naked people running around.
  3. Classic Anime

    Tomorrows Joe (AKA Ashita no Joe) is a great boxing anime from the 70's. I've been watching it for a while now and it's becoming one of my favorites!
  4. Attack on Titan

    Okay so anyone that hasn't read the manga or who hasn't up to volume 10, STOP READING NOW CAUSE I WANT TO TALK SPOILERS. Okay, so, did anyone else find the reveal of the armored and colossus titans to be a little awkward? I mean, you kind of suspected said character from the get go and though it wasn't as obvious as the female titans reveal, the way they reveal them felt like: "Hey Erin, yeah we are the titans that everyone's been looking for. Come with us if you want to live!"
  5. MangaMan here

    @MangaManReviews Hey Party Peeps, MangaMan here. First time joining the forums here on AC and I'd thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an anime/manga reviewer, been doing it since 2010. I started out on youtube but since then I've gotten a blip.tv account which has been a real help. If your interested you can check out my reviews here. A little more about myself: huge fan of Pokemon. Been playing the games since yellow and I'm loving X right now. FRIEND CODE ME AND FIGHT ME: 2492-4300-4078. Some of my favorite animes include Jubie-chan the Ninja Girl, Now and Then, Here and There, Kotoura-san, One Piece, Tomorrows Joe, and my favorite being the Lupin the 3rd franchise. My favorite manga of all time is Battle Angel Alita and I'm excited to see what James Cameron has in store for that movie adaptation. Other manga's include 20th Century Boys, Attack on Titan, and Animal Land.