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  1. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Hopefully the fire alarms wont go off in our hotel like they did the hyatt almost every year x_x lol
  2. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Hilton Rosemont Chicago O'hare
  3. Dat 2016 Room Block

    I got a room for $199 a night at the Hilton for Wednes-Monday, I had a room for the Hyatt for Wednesday-Friday but then I wouldn't of had a place to stay for the rest of the convention and that pricing was 299 a night.. so in the long run i'm still saving $ =)
  4. Dat 2016 Room Block

    I somehow managed to get a room at the Hilton before it sold out last night. After realizing its nearly closer to the convention center just to cross the busy street ;) Gonna go ahead and give that a try! =D
  5. I would be willing to buy a reservation for thurs-sun from somebody to put it fully in my name, message me if your interested to sell your room (I know some people got multiple rooms for this reason to sell them anyway).. I have very large costumes that are really hard to mobilize from one hotel to the convention center.. so i'd do anything for a hyatt (double beds or king) please!! Much appreciated...
  6. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Is there going to be more hyatt blocks opening soon or was that all of them =[??!?
  7. Dat 2016 Room Block

    yea.. not to be a bum bucket but.. I have really big costumes that are really hard to haul back and forth from hotels to the convention centers so I was dieing to get a hyatt room =\
  8. Dat 2016 Room Block

    I didn't manage to get a room.. had to work today so couldn't camp the computer/phone to try and even book one.. If I don't find an available booking within a few months i'm just not gonna go this year. Tbh, there should be a first night down payment on rooms so some people cant book like 5+ rooms.. =\ oh well..
  9. Gripes Against Individuals

    I completely agree Shadowhawk. ACen needs more rules against bodypaint especially for the homestuck cosplayers, respect to the ones that use morph suits!! I was in my quadsuit, and not until I realized it when I was packing the car to go back home that Raidramon had a huge grey splotch of what appeared to be the forearm of someone, straight along the back of raidramon's armor behind his spikes. Thankfully I can just repaint.
  10. Cosplay Photos in Dealer Hall

    With my Cosplay this year I stuck around big open areas because past experience when one person stops you, and then you attract a whole crowd of people. I did go to the artist alley with my quadsuit this year, but I stuck around the biggest hallway areas (blue carpet down the middle) and kept off to the side as much as I could. I never went more than 3 isles past the artist alley (into the dealers hall, one because I got stopped every 5 inches, and my cosplay was very stressful to walk in. I don't think people should stop taking pictures in the dealer hall/ artist alley, because that means the only areas would be very limited to outside (weather permitting) and the lobby of the hyatt, and the lobby area/registration area of the con center, which for such a size of con is a veryyy small space.
  11. Cosplay Progress 2015

    Besides a few touch ups on my cosplay, I AM DONE, and a picture of it is on the ACen facebook page! Can't wait to see you all there! Leaving for Chicago in a few hours xD!!!!
  12. Cosplay Progress 2015

  13. Cosplay Progress 2015

    update: I still have to: Foam the neck portion Fur the neck portion Finish the last spike on the back Foam the entire tail Attach the tail Fur the tail Fix the front stilt and finish fabricing the back right leg Worbla the front Shoulder Re-foam the Back shoulder armor EVA foam the Back shoulder armor Worbla the Back Shoulder armor Worbla all the spikes on the back (approx. 2 days) Fabric the insides on the shoulders so no foam is showing =) (approx. 2 hours) Silicone!!! (1 Day) Paint top part (approx. 1 days) Fix the wasteband (30 minutes) Fix the Back Legs (4 hours) Magnets the fur on the neck (approx. 3 hours) Fix the attachments for the sides (approx. 5 minutes) And test walking =3
  14. Cash or Card ?

    i only bought a few things last year and they let me use my card because they had a handy little device on their iPhone that could swipe cards =) otherwise, still bring cash just incase. There is also an ATM in the Hyatt I can't remember if there was one in the convention lobby but I think there was. =)
  15. Oversized cosplays!

    Thanks that's some helpful information! As long as I am stationary and not moving around would I still have to disassemble my costume? I have a few friends that will be there to help my field of vision i'll post pictures later on this week so you can get a better idea of how big it is. thanks!