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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I know there were many pictures taken but I havent came across many. Just wondering who got pics of my Thorin Oakenshield on Saturday. Also another question were you fooled when you realized I was a girl?
  2. Convention crush? :3

    Im sure Im not the only one on this but I had a crush on the Onion Knight walking around all weekend. I myself has cosplayed the Onion Knight and also his ninja form numerous times and I felt the little connection. I never really got the chance to start a conversation with him, I really wish I had.
  3. Facebook!

    Feel free to add me, would love to get to know more of the people I met over the weekend. Facebook
  4. Quick Masquerade Question,

    Thank you very much when will the masquerade office open for that
  5. I know Im really really late asking this and majorly late for pre-reg, but will there be a sign-up for walk ons at the convention for late comers like me :) Please let me know asap, Thank you.
  6. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Im not sure yet if I will bring Avatar to ACen, but if I just might It will be my Princess Yue and I will have a Katara and Zuko with me.
  7. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    I really cant wait to get my Doll costume done for this convention. I get to be all cutesy and pretty for once rather than lathering my skin in paint or cosplaying as a guy. Would love to get some nice photo shots with others, especially anyone from Noah's Ark circus.
  8. Soul Eater 2011

    We will have a small group of our own wearing Maka, Soul, Black Star(myself), Death The Kid, and Death Scythe.
  9. Final Fantasy 2011

    I will be bringing my Fang-FFXIII after a few needed tweeks are made from the cramped Youmacon weekend, Just a few dings and things happened to it :( But cant wait, sounds like there will be alot more FFXIII this year, plus my sister will be attempting to create Snow as well. Would love to get a few photos taken with others.
  10. Shin Megami Tensei 2011

    Im still unsure if I will be bringing Tomoe-Persona 4 this year, Im hoping I have time and room for this one, but look in the future for Maia-Persona 2 soon. It wont be this year ACen, but more than likely next year ^_^
  11. Someone Stole My Adrammelech!

    I really hope the best of luck and hope there will be some price to pay for the inconsiderate that took this from you.
  12. 2010 Persona Cosplayers Unite!

    Well just finished Tomoe, there are a few minor things that I wish had went better in the process of making it, but will have to do for now. I cant wait to see everyone at the shoot Friday, to bad I wont be able to make it to the midnight shoot. Good luck everyone, cya later
  13. Final Fantasy 2010~

    The time is near and cant wait to see everyones outfits. Just hope everything is pulling together for those who love to procrastinate at the last minute, such as myself XP. I did change my line-up a bit. I will be wearing the original Onion Knight early Friday and then I decided at the last minute to fix up my Onion Knight Ninja form for Saturday so that is what you will be seeing me in for the photoshoot for who ever is going. Again cant wait to see everyone, cya there.
  14. Lady Gaga Cosplayers?

    No nothing has been officialy decided yet. But you really should since on Saturday night I will be in my Just Dance disco bra outfit, photo opportunity ^_^
  15. Lady Gaga Cosplayers?

    I know what you mean, That was the one I was orginally going to do, but when I came to the money and time since I was already planning on a bigger outfit for ACen, I just couldnt do it. And then when I also saw her light purple Grammy's dress, I fell in love too, and once again wouldnt have the time or money for it too : ( Maybe another time.