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  1. What games are you guys playing?

    If you're still around some time today, I'll drop in.
  2. What games are you guys playing?

    There's no community around here for it that I'm aware of. It would be tough to start a game with no base of players.
  3. Heroclix

    I'm going to be learning how to play at ACen! Looking forward to it.
  4. What games are you guys playing?

    We are almost there! Just a few days left. After looking into a few things, I've decided not to pursue Force of Will. I'll be there for MLP and pretty much seeing what else is being played I guess. Hope to see a few of you there.
  5. What games are you guys playing?

    Would you teach a new player?
  6. What games are you guys playing?

    That sounds great. I'll make it a point to stop in and hang out as long as I'm welcome to do so. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. What games are you guys playing?

    Oh wow! I looked into it a little, and I'm really interested. Hopefully someone will have decks at ACen. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'll see you in the card rooms!
  8. Babymetal

    I am!!!!! Heading straight from the show to my hotel for the con. It's going to be wild.
  9. Howdy

    Welcome to the forum, and the ACen family! It's definitely going to be a great weekend, and Scandal is a huge plus. I hope you have a wonderful time.
  10. What games are you guys playing?

    We are getting closer to ACen again! Is anyone going to be playing any lesser known titles or newer games? Anything aside from the usual suspects? I kind of want to learn Vanguard at this point, but I'm open to whatever is there.
  11. Attending cons with phobias

    If it counts, I have social anxiety disorder. Some days are better than others, but things are generally pretty good. Last year I ended up getting stuck in a mass of people in the Dealer's Hall and had an anxiety attack that sent me to my hotel for a couple of hours, but otherwise it was all as wonderful as the year(s) prior. Washu was right about utilizing a phone screen to minimize the realization of just how many people are near. I have a much easier time moving around the con with a friend, so that's never a bad option. It's all a matter of utilizing whatever you can to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  12. Hallo Hallo!

    Welcome!! I agree with the above posts. The con is pretty big, but people are extremely laid back for the most part. It's a very comfy and inviting experience despite its enormity. This will be my....fifth ACen (jeez...), and I keep coming back because it's one of the most relaxing weekends I can imagine. You'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy! -Taka!
  13. Heya!

    Welcome, welcome! First and foremost, it's always nice to meet another person who recognizes the greatest game of all time, but you're the first who is also a Wing fanatic like me. We should get along just fine! I hope you have a tremendous time at ACen this year! It's the highlight of my year every time, and I hope it treats you as well as I imagine it will. Can't wait to see your Locke in person!
  14. ACen TTG 2015

    I've never played Tanto Cuore. I saw it at ACen last year as a demo but didn't get a chance to try it out. I'd love to test it out!
  15. What games are you guys playing?

    EDIT: Any MLP CCG going on? I want to pick up on the game. I was fortunate enough to pick up on Weiss Schwarz last year, and I'm hoping to find another game to play this time around! I'm not terribly interested in MtG, but I'd play casual games. Any other games coming, perhaps some under the radar or underrated games?