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    TV: Korean and Japanese variety and game shows, anime and a lot of scifi/fant shows.
    Reading: Comics/mangas, LGBTQAI
    Music: KPOP, KHH/KR&B, LoFi/Chill/Bossa Nova, House, NUSoul, etc.
    Art: Painting, Origami, Poetry, Writing, Photography, etc.
    Movies: Anything Studio Ghibli, SciFi, LGBTQAI
    Dancing: I don't dance as much as I use to since I've hurt my leg. So much for that!
    Love... is Love.
  1. TRANSform!: Gender Identity in Anime

    If I can swing a ticket, I will make it my business to come to your panel.
  2. Have/Attend an Anime Club?

    Name (of the club): Chicago's Hometown Anime Otaku Society (CHAOS) Location: Based in Chicago, IL https://www.facebook...roups/312chaos/ Time and Place: 24/7 for online access. All local events are "To Be Announced" based on details of invitation. Website (if applicable): https://www.facebook.com/CHAOS312 A brief description of the kind of club it is - what activities you have - if it's campus only or open to all etc: Hello fellow Chicagotaku! This wonderful Facebook group was created, to give a local forum for fellow Chicagoans, suburbanites and anime lovers everywhere. It's a place to post information, discussions, local meet-ups and whatever other topics that may arise, according to the wide world of anime/manga, cosplay, gaming, music, movies, etc. We're here to commune on topics that otherwise would not be mainstream, in our daily lives. So, come talk with our members! Find fun things to do together! And above all have fun, fun, fun!!! =) I hope you all enjoy your time, in our little corner of CHAOS! ^^ Criterion of Membership *You must be a FB member for no less than 30 days. We’re working on warding off dummy accounts and all other drama makers. If you truly want to add someone who is very new to FB and a legit account, talk to us first. Your FB must be open for administrators to review as a live account. Any dummy accounts we find will be banned. If you’re not a dummy account, fix your settings, IM our admin, and we’ll fix the problem. If we find out you’re adding blocked/false accounts knowingly, YOU’RE BANNED! You cannot block any admin, if you do you WON’T be allowed into the group. Your FB must have a profile pic. We also consider these to be possible fake accounts. Need help with applying a picture? IM one of us and we’ll help you. Contact info (for someone interested in joining): To contact us via email - 312CHAOS@gmail.com or visit our group or fan pages at the above links. Thank you!
  3. Apply to become staff for ACen 2013

    Hey there, Sisterdischord! Been off for 2 seasons due to some very rough family issues. I'm looking to return this year, to either Art & Production staff as a blogger or work with the Special Needs & Disabilities unit. My last year at ACen, which was 2010, I was made aware of their department. They looked like they could use a little help, in that area and I have loads of experience. I'm also open to working elsewhere, as well. Let me know, your thoughts, on how I could be useful. Also, if I am put back into play, will I be open to be comped for room/board/etc.? Thanx! =)
  4. Big Sword Panel 20k10!

    It was my pleasure!!! You all were so much fun, I just had to do it! You all really made my night! It was lots of fun! I can't wait for next year!
  5. Big Sword Panel 20k10!

    Nice! This was my first time with the Big Sword and hopefully not the last! Now, you all have got me screaming BSP!! I even did an article on the blog for you! http://acen2010.blogspot.com/2010/05/next-...me-and-bsp.html Hope you like it
  6. This was my first year with the ACen Guys and hopeful not my last. It is my hopes to join you all in the ranks as a panelist. Mine will be as tastefully erotic but of the yaoi genre. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the Uranus jokes to a minimum. It'll be hard but I think we can do it!
  7. Acen 21+ Party?

  8. Japan Nite 2009

  9. Cable Access Show