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  1. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Millions, I hope you are going to email every person who had a 30 minute shoot and inform them because I wouldn't have known until at con if my friends hadn't informed me that you screwed up my times. It's not fair to those who applied for 30 minutes. You set about a chain of reactions that set off anxiety and panic attacks. You should have asked us first.
  2. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Except that isn't true..? Most of the hosts have taken to Facebook and setting up events to get the word out since the forums is basically dead. So anyone can get my information. This shift started a couple of years ago. Last I experienced, as I did last year when I had injuries at one of the photoshoots I cohosted, they came to me directly after it happened. Injuries and concerns went to me. Last year the Owari shoot, a group of 30-50 was in the tower overhang. Small children were injured, someone's concussion got worse because there was no room to get posing correct without tripping over someone, and in general.. it was cramped and dangerous. So please don't say that when the hosts take care of these things and have to explain to upset people on why things are so cramped. /We/ get the blame and have to take care of it. On the field. The runners of photoshoots go through a lot and that's without consent problems.
  3. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Hey Millions, since you might have missed my first post... are you going to take the responsibility for someone getting injured under my shoot because I left early or is that going to be my fault because you extended the time even though I requested a 30 minute shoot?
  4. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Please for the love of all that is holy and pure left in this world, give the 30 minute slots back their time. I did not sign up for 1 hour shoots because I have PLANS and other things to do. You are putting us hosts in danger.. because if something happens while the host is supposedly gone like you suggest, it still gets tacked under our name even if we aren't there. I did not sign up to have my name and reputation at risk. That is not fair to those of us who have done this before and have reputations, GOOD reputations in the gathering community.
  5. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Okay but there is also a problem with your intentions of where the photo shoots are supposed to be shot? That's a popular wall for people to sit because they can charge their phones there and even then for the BIG groups, the couches/tables/etc get in the way and things get cramped. Not only that but there really needs to be consideration of signs pointing out where the shoots are intended to be so it can be at least somewhat blocked off or reserved for the groups. You didn't address the issue of Love Live needing to be moved to a bigger space.. if spaces are still there, can't you just switch it now before the next batch comes out?
  6. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I'm with Washu on this one. The female idol group NEEDS a bigger location. There were SEVERAL people who complained about them being a fire hazard and blocking off exit/entry ways and I was just observing it because I RAN the one after it. It was huge and they needed a bigger space. My group just barely fit. Those that host shoots aren't being heard in what they need. Give them a bigger spot. Washu brings up another point. I'm a panelist myself and have applied for 5 panels and 4 shoots. Among my 7.5 hours of paneling, there are going to be interlapses to where I'm not going to be able to make it. Shoots honestly need to wait until panel acceptances have gone out. As for where LL is now? That's where Owari was last year and it was too small for that group. I had little kids being stepped on and knocked down because the space was too small and it was being crowded in smaller and smaller. Adults got hurt because they were knocked in to decorative rock/gravely/loose rocks trying to stay where they could get pictures. Now imagine a group 4 times the size of Owari in that small space. Someone is going to get hurt more than a couple of scrapes, bumps, and bruises.
  7. Haikyuu

    I'll be cosplaying Yachi! I think I also applied for one of the shoots since I have applied for a Haikyuu panel.
  8. Male Idol Anime 2017

    Hey guys! Haruka-hime here. I've been deep into the male idol fandom for quite some time and have made a name for myself in the reverse harem fandom that often overlaps with the male idol fandom. Knowing that these shoots don't often have too many people, I wanted to consolidate them so we could all gather together and all get a shoot. I'm honestly not sure who I will be wearing but it will likely be from B Project or Uta no Prince-sama. My plan is to run this either right before my Male Anime Idol panel ((If it gets accepted)). Female characters from these series are also welcomed. Included Series: • Uta no Prince-sama • B Project • Tsukiuta • Idolish7 • Marginal#4 • Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu • Dream Festival • Classicaloid • Show by Rock • Bakumatsu Rock • Love Stage • Sekkou Boys • Starmyu • Dance With Devils • Ensemble Stars ??? (Whatever else gets made between now and then or if I haven't included anything.) Time: ??? Location: ??? Tentative Schedule: Entire Group Photo 1 Will call up cosplayers by series from what I'm assuming to be least to most popular as I judge who will be most popular by online and in person. ---- Group Photo ---- Individual Character Photos ---- Team Photos (if applicable) ---- Song/Different Costume Group Photos ---- Sibling/Blood Relation photos (if applicable) All team leaders Crack Ships/Couples and Requests. Can include crossovers. Entire Group Photo 2
  9. Owari no Seraph 2016

    Yaho~ I am Mikage's Shinoa! We will be at Anime Milwaukee and hopefully running an 18+ Owari panel at ACen!
  10. Free! Gathering 2015

    Yaho~ I'm one of the friends that Mikage mentioned. I'm the Gou for the panel planned for Free (18+). I will be in whatever version I do for the panel.
  11. Uta no Prince-sama/Otome Gathering 2015

    Yaho~ I'm friends with Mikage and the Haruka Nanami that ran the Uta No Interview 3000% panel last year. Reverse Harem wise I have Haruka Nanami (UtaPri), Yui (DL), Chizuru (Hakuouki), and Heroine (Amnesia). I will be there as well but as so far, I am undecided.
  12. It's not really much to say but Akira was amazing last year and I'm hoping at least I'm not the only one who would love to have Akira back! Especially in partnership with a lolita company~
  13. Nana Mizuki

    SHUGO CHARAAAAAAAAAAA Yes. Definitely yes. We would need Ikuto to come though > >
  14. Tsuda Kenjiro

    TsudaKen is a predominant voice in the Drama CD/Otome society. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenjiro_Tsuda Chikage Kazama - Hakuouki Mikoto Suoh - K Seijurou Mikoshiba - Free Tokyo Ghoul - Nico Fairy Tail - Bacchus, Silver Fullbuster Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Spanner, Adult Lambo, Romeo, Lampo Soul Eater - Mifune Sugar Sugar Rune - Rockin' Robin YuGiOh - Seto Kaiba, Priest Seto, Critias
  15. Mamoru Miyano and/or Junichi Suwabe

    Or BOTH because Mini UtaPri concert would make me cry. I would sell my left kidney for this.