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  1. Classic Anime

    sailor moon is always a good classic to watch. Hmmm... i think I'll rewatch it too^^
  2. which series have you re-watched the most?

    Oh man i would say fruits basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Clannad, and Another.
  3. Attack on Titan

    I absolutely loveed attack on titan. The animation is quite different from all the other animes, the expressions were realistic and I was at the end of my chair by the end of the episode. So far i'm up to date with the manga, like everyone else, I'm mad that they have not reached Eren's house yet!
  4. Fashion Outlets of Chicago

    I have been there and it looks like a nice modern looking mall, but its a bit pricey.
  5. Looking forward to...

    The new sailor moon anime!
  6. This will be my 3rd ACen...

    Depends on where you would like to go? For the best pizza I suggest you go to Giordano's pizza! The deep dish pizza is mouthwatering! Visit the bean in millenium park, the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, Buckingham Water fountain, or if you love live music go to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  7. 2014 Got Soap? Contest

    1.) "Let's get soapy" 2.)"Kouhai, take the soap" 3.) "Sempai, thanks for the soap" 4.) "Let's get down and soapy" 5.) "ACen 2014 CHECKLIST: 1.Soap" 6.) "you scrub my back, I scrub yours" 7.)"Just scrub it" 8.) "Senpai will finally notice your sparkle. Keep Scrubbin'" 9.)"Pass the soap around" 10.) "A bar of soap in every hand" 11.)"My bar of soap brings all the senpais to my yard" 12.)"The ultimate secret to make senpai notice you...a bar of soap" 13.) "The ultimate conversation ice breaker: Got soap?" 14.)"Each scrub is a step towards senpai noticing you" 15.) "Bubble bubble~ scrub scrub~" 16.) "1. Obtain soap 2. Scrub 3. Senpai finally noticing you" 17.)"Have a soapy day!" 18.)"99 bars of soap on the wall, 99 bars of soap. Take one down. Scrub it around. 99 bars of soap on the wall" 19.)"Oppa scrubbing style" 20.)"A scrub a day keeps the otaku awake" 21.) "One does not simply forget about soap."