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  1. Does anyone know when the Crowne Plaza block will be open for reservations? Thanks! Edit: Does anyone know what the usual block rates are for the Crowne Plaza?
  2. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    That's really cool! Good job Jos!
  3. Anime hell back in the big room

    Perfect! Thank you so much! I feel derpy asking what it is but I haven't been to ACen before so the panels that come back each year are new to me! :D
  4. Gun question

    Herp derp to me! >.< I always have to over complicate things. That's perfect, thanks! I should have a silver sharpie somewhere around here...
  5. Gun question

    I have a quick question for those that have used guns. Does the zip tie seem to detract from the gun? I am looking at this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Desert-Eagle-.44-Magnum-Spring-Pistol-Silver/21320449 To have as my "other part" aka Patty from Soul Eater since she can transform into a gun--I thought about seeing if I could find a silver zip tie or possibly spray painting a white one (maybe?)
  6. Anime hell back in the big room

    What exactly is anime hell?
  7. Space Avaliable

    You could share this on the ACen fan facebook page. It might spark some interest!
  8. Free promotional bookmarks

    I know this isn't helpful whatsoever (I'm sorry!) but what is the name of your kickstarter? That way I can keep my eye for them! :D
  9. Final Guest List

    I totally agree. For some con goers (not all though), they base at least some of their decision on a convention on the guests. For big conventions, like this, it would be really cool to see most of the guests before the registration fee is high or there is no longer the option to mail the badges. Overall, I think the guest list is good. I'm a little reluctant with the new VAs but that's just me trying to resist the change of newer voice actors/actresses. :P I do have to say I was a little bummed that Vic couldn't make it. This is a convention I had my eye on that seemed to get him every other year or so BUT you guys do have another two people I wanted to see in my lifetime--Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham. I'm super happy to see them so I'm not grumbling too much. Let's just hope the lines for the panels with them don't get too long...
  10. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    oh yeah, cards against humanity is definitely a must. I second the Candyland as well--I haven't played that in ages!
  11. Oh my gosh, I haven't kept up! I have the first @$$hole! Volume I got at AnimeZing a few years ago and it was really good! I enjoyed going to a panel of yours. I'm looking forward to hearing about reading with pictures. I'll have to keep those panel times in mind.
  12. ACen to Host WCS US Finals

    how long do you think the line will be? Or rather, when should someone get in line for it?
  13. Gun question

    Based on what I know, if you plan on taking it out of the holster you would want to paint it orange. Honestly I would just paint it orange just to be safe even if you aren't thinking of taking it out of the holster. It would be terrible to get it confiscated. :(
  14. Who will be trying to see Distant Worlds there?

    Where can you buy tickets for the concert on August 24th?
  15. First time Cosplayer

    I'm sure you will look great but I do want to emphasize what they said in their reply--if someone says something that is negative, just shrug it off. I once had a person comment about one of our Patty's (from Soul Eater) bosom not being bigger than our Liz's which was totally inappropriate. Just don't even give the person the attention they want. If you want someone to hang out with, you are welcome to join our group! Love that you're doing Mizore! I don't see many Rosario cosplayers.