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  1. A special area for handheld gaming?

    My friend and I are already bringing 3DS. .es for streetpass purposes. So I like this idea. :P
  2. My small question.

    So this is likely a silly question, given that I know how much stuff is generally around Anime Central's vendor area buuuuuuuuut. . Has anyone seen any Model Kits made by Kotobukiya? Or even Option Parts? I've noticed that they seem to carry Super Robot Wars kits and while I know I can usually find Gundam, Kamen Rider and some Sentai stuff easily. . I've never seen any Super Robot Wars kits in the past two times I've been to ACen. Then again I didn't really know they existed until today, so I've probably passed them up a million times. .I was too focused on finding my HGAW Gundam X and MG Kamen Rider Ichigo. Lol. Anyway! Thanks for any information given!
  3. Suggestions for 2014

    Thanks. I was suggesting that a landmarks be pointed out so that people could determine direction if they're not near a window to use said road as a reference. A very easy remedy that may also help is a simple N/S/E/W marker in one of the corners on the map page. Oh wow, can't believe I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. Then my suggestion for that is. . To keep it in the next guidebook? Since a few friends who have gone to ACen much longer than I have suggested that things sometimes get moved or removed in the guidebook.
  4. Suggestions for 2014

    Well, truth be told I'm not sure what I could suggest. 2013 was a large improvement over 2012, for me anyway. The only thing I honestly COULD suggest is getting rid of the lines to the merchant area or figuring out a way to get people in there quicker. Having to wait 2+ hours to go check stuff out is kinda bleh. . And having to rush everything on the last day is extremely stressful, when there is so much ground to cover. While I am not from a far away place (I live in Chicago), a list of restaurants being included would most certainly be helpful to A LOT of people. . Especially folks who tend to stay overnight or try to power through all 3 days of ACen. The other suggestion I'd say is that while the merchant area was well done this year, part of it was done very poorly. Artist Alley was -extremely- cramped compared to the rest of it. I know it probably cannot be helped, but something should really be done to widen the walkways a little bit. It's almost as if they were designed without realizing that people would stop and look at the booths. . Haha. :P Oh! While typing this up I thought of one other thing: An easier to read map. . Perhaps with landmarks or something for people to get a general sense of what is where. It's very easy to go in the complete opposite direction of where you wanted to go. . And so you end up being late for panels. Sorry for the unorganized post. :P