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  1. Anime Central 2018

    Friday: Kanade (Angel Beats) 100%

    Saturday: Beast Boy (Teen Titans) 25%

    Sunday: Azmaria (Chrono Crusade) 100%

  2. My views on ACen 2017

    I also think this year went very well. There were some speed bumps that didn't have anything to do with ACen so no point in complaining about those. Things that need improvement: I would like to sit with all of my friends at the masquerade at least once. I get the whole "fill in the spaces" but our group of 11 could have easily filled up almost a whole row. Instead we had to be split up because other con goers did as they pleased and left 1 person spaces. The only way I see this improving is if for once we just decide not to follow the rules, since the rule breakers seem to get what they want and we get screwed... Make bathroom breaks while in line a little more clear to IRT. One of my friends asked to go use the bathroom from 1 IRT person and informed another one when she came back that she had left to use the bathroom. He told her that she had to check with the people in line in front of her and back of her to make sure that was ok. Thankfully she was able to go back to her spot in line, but it could have gone badly. Maybe they could hand out passes or something so that it is clear on why the person left the line? More prepared at masquerade. (self explanatory) Artist Alley definitely needs more aisle room. So glad I chose not to go through there on Saturday when i had my big sword. I would like to see some 18+ panels that lean towards a little more informative side and not just straight up porn or hentai/yaoi (if I wanted to see that I would watch some by myself lol). A little of both is ok but not just straight up 1 or the other. I went to one 18+ panel where I felt like a hand check needed to be done constantly and went to a different 18+ one the next night that was very boring (needed to be ran by more enthusiastic people). Things that went well: No issues with IRT scolding people for lining up early. Thank god! This was such an issue for us last year. Honestly, running late things worked in our favor. (I.E. Instead of getting to the masquerade line an hour early, we go there 45 min early, which is when people usually try to line up.) I also liked that staff kept an eye on lines so that no one would cut. A chunk of the line tried to on a panel that we went to and the staff person held them back. Loved the layout of the dealer's room. I felt like I could breathe. Signs/flags for cosplay gatherings were great! Please never get rid of those!!! Can't think of anything else that went specifically well, but there are prly other things that went well overall. Balance, clear cut, and consistency are the keys to a successful con. I'm also going to go with 8 out of 10. Good job ACen!
  3. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Maybe not hot gluing to finish, but I foresee have to re-hot glue things.... I was basically yelling at the foam that I was trying to hot glue last night lol. It just wouldn't stay glued together. Looks like it is staying now, but I will prly still bring a hot glue gun. I'm so close to being finished!!!! I should have it done by tonight. The test run will have to take place tomorrow (or possible on Saturday when I'm wearing it in case cleaning and packing take too long >.< )
  4. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Yeah my kitty also has issues with us being gone. She won't eat if we just leave her by herself for 3 days. We have a couple friends that are going to stop in feed her and give her a little love so that she knows she wasn't forgotten :) Worked more on adding accessories to the wig last night
  5. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Same on the last part, though not quite finished with my cosplay yet. I'm hoping to finish either tonight or tomorrow (most likely tomrorrow). My apartment looks like a disaster area lol. Definitely cleaning either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
  6. Photographer looking to book a few cosplay soots

    I also sent an email from our cosplay group email...and I'm just seeing now that it says no charge. Wow I'm dumb. Ignore my price question in my email.
  7. Lines at ACen?

    I would say to plan on getting in line for big events and panels. I've missed getting into plenty of panels before. If it is a panel or even that you really want to go to, line up as soon as allowed per ACen's rules. Maybe not linger, but I say to definitely stay close to the area where the the event or panel will be held (aka don't try to be on the opposite end of the building). Unless IRT and ACen staff are really cracking down on it this year (not likely), then chances are that a line will start sooner than the rules state and the IRT and staff won't bother to break up the line. I only say this from experience. I have gotten screwed over multiple times when my group of friends and I try to line up earlier than allowed and WE get chased away, but then 10 min later (still earlier than allowed) a line forms somehow. When we asked why they weren't asked to disperse, they just kind of shrug and say there isn't much they can do about it. My rule of thumb now is to hang around the area but not make a line and wait for someone else to get enough people in a line that IRT and staff just give up on making ppl leave. Worked fairly well for everything last year.
  8. Masquerade Time Length

  9. Masquerade Time Length

    Hello! I've gone to the masquerade in the past as a participant and an audience member. What is the length of time for an audience member? I'm trying to plan for something after the masquerade, but I can't recall how long it lasts. Obviously it varies every year, but does anyone remember generally how long it would go until? Thanks!
  10. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Ooh Washu that's a great idea. Never thought of that. I just need to add accessories to my wig and finishing making the designs for the tights on my cosplay. Finished the front side of of one leg for the design and styled the wig for most of yesterday.
  11. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    In case anyone missed it on my cosplay page, I had some major progress this last weekend. I'm so close!!! Just need to do the design on the tights, add the foam that goes on the hips, and styling/adding accessories to the wig.
  12. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    As you can see in my signature, I'm only working on 1 cosplay, but it has been a very complicated one for me since this is only my second year sewing my own cosplays (sister made them in the past). I'm getting close, but so is the con! Here's a photo album so far on what I have completed: Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Fu. If I have time, I'm going to make her familiar/fairy (the blue one) too. My dad already made the sword for me :) Reference pix are below!
  13. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I know it's not ideal, but the guidebook will prly be available in about 2 weeks for those who don't have an urgent matter regarding photoshoot times and dates and the facebook group has been a huge help.
  14. Anime Central Cosplay Meetups Facebook Page

    Thanks! This is super helpful!
  15. Guidebook 2017

    Based on past years, it looks like it is usually released/ready the last week of april/first week of may, so it should be available in about 2 weeks I'm guessing. Idk why all the staff is being so secret about everything cuz I feel like a general timeframe is always better than no timeframe.