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  1. General Questions about Hotel Check-In

    When I called the Doubletree last year, they told me that I could check in any time between 3 PM an midnight, but then again, that's the Doubletree, and I was checking in on Thursday.
  2. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    Oh, okay. The Doubletree had restrictions on room parties as well. It hasn't. I was checking the hotels independent of the con to see if I could reserve a room there now and apply the ACen discount later. Should have been clearer. My bad.
  3. In the past how early does the Hyatt book up?

    I didn't know. My bad.
  4. In the past how early does the Hyatt book up?

    Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, or at least that's the vibe I've gotten. I was planning on staying there next year myself, but they're out of shoulder day bookings (Thursday, in my case). I might end up at the Doubletree again for this reason, as I don't want to deal with Friday morning check-in lines, badge pickup lines, or traffic on I-55 and the Tri-State. Also, in an interesting development, I've got the ACen website open in another tab and the Hilton ISN'T on the list of hotels this year. Anyone know anything about that?
  5. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    When will blocks for the other hotels be available for registration? I just checked the Doubletree on a hunch and they don't have any rooms available for booking independent of the con, so I'm guessing that either rooms have been booked up already or the block has been reserved, but it's not available for people to register yet. EDIT: Just checked the Embassy and its the same way. Did they all fill up within a few hours of each other? Also, I noticed the Hilton isn't on the list of hotels on the ACen main site. Is there a reason why? This. The Doubletree is a little bit of a walk, but if nothing else, it's good exercise, plus it's a good hotel. What happened this year (2014)? I know the ambulance showed up a few times, but that's par for the course with any con.
  6. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    Just checked again, all the doubles appear to be booked up for the Hyatt. Probably gonna end up staying at the Doubletree again.
  7. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    What's the regular rate for a double?
  8. 2015 room block

    It sounded like there was some miscommunication at some point, judging by what I read in another thread on here.
  9. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    I'm not sure they can. Don't forget, the airlines have rooms on stand-by for people inconvenienced by flight delays (as well as flight crews), not to mention there are other events going on in the area at the same time. The logistics involved might be too much work.
  10. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    Looks like I'll have to monitor the situation. I'd like to stay at the Hyatt this year if possible, but I'm not willing to fight lines and Friday morning traffic for a double room if I don't have to.
  11. 2015 room block

    Mr. Falco posted about an hour ago in the Facebook group Sounds like all the double rooms are spoken for. That's a surprise. Didn't think they'd fill up that fast. This throws some of my plans into question.
  12. Anime Midwest 2014

    I was there this year for all three days, though I had to drive up there each day. Had fun. Definitely enjoyed teh Team Four Star panels. Might go next year if I have the money. That kind of mentality doesn't make much sense to me. It's a smaller con (and only started up a few years ago) with attendance numbers that are less than ACen, why would you consider them an enemy? Never heard anything about people getting kicked out for no reason (then again, I try not to create a ruckus). I CAN confirm that they don't take credit/debit cards, though, at least not by themselves: they use Paypal, and IIRC you can use a card to pay through that.
  13. 2015 room block

    I ran into the same issue. Hopefully Mr. Falco can get more double rooms for the shoulder nights, otherwise there's gonna be a wicked line for check-in on Friday.

    Seconding this.