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  1. General Anime Trade/sell

    Cleaning out my manga / anime collection. Some are full series others are ones I started but lost interest in. Asking $5 a piece and if you buy five or more will sell for $4 a piece plus shipping. If interested in a whole series that consist of more then five I maybe willing to bargain more on the price. Most are in like new condition. Though they do come from a pet home if anyone was wondering allergy wise. Anime is up for debate on price. I also take art commissions. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/animeartist62/ Yu-gi-oh! ani-manga Chrono Crusade 1-3 YuYu Hakusho 1,2,4,5 Ark Angels 1 Buso Renkin 1,9 Black Bird 1-10, 12 Punch 1-3 Mars 1, 2 Mar 1-4 Vaizard 1 Café Occult 1,2 Angelic Layer 1-5 Planet Ladder 1-4 Shojo Beat manga sampler Red River 1, 3 Fushigu Yugi The mysterious play 1-3, 9 , 10 Wish 1-4 Chronicles of the cursed Sword 1-7 Alice 19th 1-7 Sister red1-2 Psychic Academy 1-4 Naturo 1-14, 20,21,24,26,28,30,31,33,35,39-41,44,46-51 Hana-Kimi 1-3 Tsubash 1-3 Luna 1 Tail of the moon 1-8 missing vol 2 Lights out 1-2 Flower of the Deep Sleep 1 Night of the beast 1 Mouryoukiden Legend of the Nymph 1 DNA angel 9 Demon Diary 1-3 Model 2 Imadoki 1-3 Kill me kiss me 1-3 The World exists for me 1 Tokyo mew mew 4-8 Instant teen just add nusts 1 Immortal rain 1-3 Anime Naturo uncut box sets 1,2,5,7,11 Ceres Celestial legend Collecters box sets 1-2 Inuyasha movies 1-3
  2. Looking for more Madison and Central Wisconsin con-goers!

    I just happened to stumble upon this thread. I am in the Madison area and am trying to meet other people that like anime and manga.