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  1. Idk how likely this is to even be answered here, but I was just curious as to how the badge discounts for panelists are gonna work this year since the system has changed. (I currently have one panel approved and am waiting for word on the other three) Since the panel submissions don't seem to be tied to accounts anymore, I'm just kinda confused as to how the discounts will be applied. My copanelists and I rely on panelist comp badges to attend ACen, so we're getting a bit concerned. Will they be, like, discount codes at checkout? Or something? Again, answers seem to be pretty scarce on these forums, but I figured it was worth a shot. *EDIT* I've ran panels for the last 3 years, so I'm familiar with how it *used* to work. My concern is how the discounts will be applied to panelists since the individual submissions don't have usernames/accounts tied to them anymore. Which honestly seemed way easier than whatever it is they're trying to do now. By this time last year, I had all of my panels approved, and my badge (and my copanelists' badges) ordered. I'm currently awaiting an email response, so hopefully we'll know something soon. Hopefully.
  2. This year is a mess already, and it's nowhere near con time. This time last year, I already had my panels approved and my badge ordered. If I wind up having to pay more than half of a tier 1 badge because of these "delays" or whatever...well, I'm not gonna do anything, but I'll be pretty pissed nonetheless.

    HUGE second for SPYAIR!
  4. Gripes Against Individuals

    Idk if this is the place to post this, but: I went to line up for Anime Hell on Friday night at around 9 (it was scheduled to start at 10) There was a bit of a line formed already, so I asked IRT where the line ended. He told me that there actually was no official line yet, and that the line would form at 9:30. And that the line everyone was forming on their own would not be honored. So I just hovered around for a little while (along with a rather large group of others doing the same) and around 9:15 the "line" was getting a bit ridiculous, I asked a different IRT person just to clarify. He assured me that, yes, the official line would begin at 9:30, and that this "line" was not THE line. They also did attempt several times to break up the "line" to no avail. So around 9:30, another IRT shows up (a rather tall woman with red hair)(is she Amazon? I have no idea really) and pulls the person in the front of the "line" up to the door of the room. Taking this as our queue(haha lame joke), I, along with the by now massive group of people who had been told there was no line, attempted to file in behind him. Suddenly the woman starts yelling at us and saying we have to go to the back of the "line" (which is waaaayy back by the ballroom by now, and is starting to get mixed up with the rave line) So this woman who had been nowhere in sight while this "line" was forming just shows up and completely contradicts what I (and several other people) had been told by more than one IRT. We basically got screwed over for following the rules and doing what we were told, while everyone breaking the rules got rewarded for it. (Not that it actually mattered, because we got screwed by the fire alarm about 20 minutes later, but that's an entirely different gripe)
  5. Kpop panels...?

    I was looking at the schedule, and I couldn't help but notice that there are 3 Kpop panels, and all 3 of them have been scheduled for Saturday (two of them even overlap with each other.) (I'm running the 3rd one, FYI.) Shouldn't they be..I dunno, spread out a little more? Or maybe the schedule was too full when they were approved to do that? I'd hate it as a Kpop fan if I could only come Friday or Sunday, only to see that all of the Kpop panels were on Saturday. Just some thoughts.
  6. Madoka Magica 2014

    I'll be cosplaying Homura on Saturday.
  7. con survival guide y'all....

    ^ Just an FYI, there is a Chase ATM at the CTA station down the street from the convention center.
  8. The Cta Trip Planner!

    Just thought I'd throw in how my trips usually go: I live in South Holland, IL, just FYI (A suburb, obviously.) about an hour's drive outside of the city. I end up taking both the Metra and the CTA. First, I take the Metra (Metra Electric District line) to Millennium Station, about 45 minutes depending on the stops. The station I get on is about the halfway point. Then I walk to the Blue Line, straight down Randolph until you get the the Daley center, about half a mile up the road. The Washington stop is right in front of it. Then just take that straight to Rosemont. About 30 minutes, again, depending on the stops (it tends to slow down a little as we approach the airport.) The first few times I went to cons, I didn't get a hotel room, so I had to ride back and forth every day, so it got a little expensive. But if you're only doing it one way each, the it's not too bad. A one-way on the metra is $4.75, and the CTA is $2.25.
  9. Suggestions for 2014

    I'm sure these have already been mentioned, but I have two things relating to panel lines from last year: 1.) I had a real problem with people cutting the panel lines last year. One person would be near the front, and then, like, 5-10 of their friends would start talking to them and casually merge into the line. It kept me from getting into quite a few panels, by only a few people. I'm quite sure that I would've gotten in had those few people not slipped by. Now, of course, I don't expect the staff to be able to eyeball the lines every second; that just isn't gonna happen. I know how hectic those hallways can get, and it's a priority to keep them clear. My mother made a very good suggestion at the feedback panel last year: give each person in line a numbered post-it note as the line forms, and collect them back as they are let it the room. I doubt it'd eliminate line cutting, but I think it could be a good way to fight back against it. (More related suggestions straight from my mother: "Maybe get the laminated ones so they won't get all messed up." "Color code them for each room/hallway ['cause, y'know, there aren't enough post-it note colors for every panel room to have a separate color,] so people can't keep them and try to get into different panels with the same number.) I dunno how viable this suggestion is (that's a lot of post-it notes...), but I think it's worth a mention at least. [Also, please note that my mother is an "outsider" of sorts at cons; she accompanies me, but just sort of observes and doesn't participate in panels or anything.] 2.) Another big issue I had was standing in a ridiculously line for more than an hour for a panel and not getting in. My problem specifically with this is that there should be at least an estimate of how many people can fit in a room because of fire codes and whatnot, yet not even a quick head count was done. The worst example of this for me happened last year when the panel room couldn't have possibly held more than 100 people safely, and I think I'm being generous there. (I think it was Tegal) Again, it wasn't like the line formed a few minutes before the panel's start time. I was in line for more than a hour, and I was given no indication that there was a chance I wouldn't get in. I'm certainly not asking that more people be let in than would be safe; just maybe let people after a certain point in the line know that they probably won't make it in so they don't have to waste an hour standing around would be greatly appreciated. These two things alone put a HUGE damper on my ACen experience last year, and I'm greatly hoping for even the slightest improvements this year. :)/>
  10. How to apply for a panel question

    Go to the ACen homepage, click "Register," and select "Panel Request" from the drop down list. It'll take you to the submission form. You'll need to have an outline of your panel ready when you submit it.
  11. More than one submission?

    Eheh. Never mind. I found it. I'm even more of an idiot than I previously thought... Sorry for the waste of time, gaiz. D:
  12. I just submitted a panel, and I'm just wondering: do we have to wait until that one is approved before submitting another? I noticed that the link to the submission form disappeared after I submitted, and it just tells me that the one I submitted is pending. I tried to search around the site for an answer, but couldn't seem to find one. (Maybe I was looking in the wrong place? I dunno.) Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  13. Kollision Con 2013

    I'm running two panels: Kpop Dance! and The Wonderful World of Crack Fanfiction. I'm also co-hosting a panel with my mom called How Not To Embarrass The Fandom. Feel free to drop by if you're coming to the con! :D
  14. Yeah, I know he's been to ACen multiple times in the past. But, well, he's just awesome enough to do that! I'm sure most people are familiar with his roles, but I'll list some notable ones anyway: FMA- Edward Elric Vampire Knight- Zero/Ichiru Kiryuu Bleach- Ikkaku Madarame Kekkaishi- Yoshimori Sumimura Soul Eater- Spirit Albarn D.N.Angel- Dark Mousy Ouran- Tamaki Suoh He's always a great guest at conventions, going out of his way to please the fans. It'd be awesome to have him back.