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  1. Bow and Arrows

    It'll be completely out of wood, and the string would be loose. The arrow would probably just be made out of wood completely as well, and more than likely glued to the crossbow.
  2. Bow and Arrows

    So, my crossbow won't even be possible to shoot, and if I had a fake arrow glued to it, would that be fine, as long as the point wasn't sharp?
  3. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    Thanks a ton. ^.^
  4. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    If I bring an airsoft pistol, what would be defined as being "disabled?" Would removing the magazine and having no BBs in it be considered disabled? The barrel cannot be plugged with glue because this gun will actually be used (not at convention, obviously).
  5. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    I apologize if I'm asking questions that have already been asked/answered. What events at the convention cost money to get in to? I keep hearing about the rave, panels, etc., but I am unsure of what events actually cost something (yes, I know this can't be answered fully since not every event is set in stone?). What restaurants/food places are around, and which ones are fairly cheap? I don't exactly have the most money, and I am already worried about the cost of the badge (getting it in advance), gas to get there, and the hotel room (probably won't be staying at the Hyatt and the others nearby due to cost, but depends on what my group decides). Granted, I will hopefully be going with about 9 others, but I still worry about money. ^.^" Also, on that note, does anyone have any suggestions on what hotel to stay at, that isn't super expensive? I would assume my group would be splitting the cost, but we will also be there probably Thursday night-Monday morning. Also, any advice how to go about the convention? Suggested things to go see, pictures, etc. Also, if you guys couldn't tell, this upcoming ACen will be my very first convention ever.
  6. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    My opinion? Go for it. If it is a character you like, then go ahead and have fun with it. Cosplaying should be about enjoying yourself and showing off some of your fandoms and meeting people who like the same thing(s) as you. But, I don't advise wearing clothing that is obviously too small.
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm New Here

    Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcomes. ^.^
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm New Here

    I'm actually trying to get stuff together for my last costume (Ada Wong from re6), so it looks like a for sure. ^.^
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm New Here

    Hi, I am new to the forums here. ^.^" I also am hoping to attend my first ACen convention in May. I like various animes, and am always open to new suggestions. :) I would love to make some new friends here.