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  1. Missyeru

    I think you should have Missyeru as an official guest at ACen '14 She's really been growing in the cosplay community and her fan page has almost 10,000 likes (will probably reach 10k tonight or tomorrow). She works in the film industry when she isn't doing awesome cosplays. She is the guest of honor at NatsuCon this weekend (http://www.natsucon....uests/missyeru/) and has a panel each day (Cosplay 101, How to Pose in Cosplay, and Cosplay vs the Film Industry) and she's judging the cosplay contest. At the cosplay 101 panel today she did amazing answering questions and talking about good and bad ideas when cosplaying, answering questions for beginners and she's an extremely friendly/bubbly person to talk to. She's also a Crunchyroll ambassador! ACen definitely has a larger crowd and I think a lot of people would benefit from having her as a guest/doing panels etc. Especially new cosplayers! ACen was her first convention back when she was in middle school and she's come a super long way since her very first costume back then. I know cosplay guests haven't been the most successful in the past, but this is more of a new face/someone people can try to relate to then trying to get an ultra famous cosplayer and could definitely do some amazing panels and stuff about starting to cosplay and about from where she started out to where she is now! (she posted this picture on her FB page from her first cosplay- Kagome) (this is a photo of the cosplay she wore to Anime Expo last weekend) the arms were actually functioning and everything! watch her bits from this video (1:30-1:48 & 4:18-4:23)
  2. Karaoke Madness Suggestions

    Going off this, I would suggest rather then one massive line have two lines (one on each side of the stage if possible) one for Non Anime/Game songs and one for Anime/Game songs (whether they be in English or Jap.) which would make it a lot easier to rotate instead of searching for the next Anime-ish song. You could have one person from the Non-anime/game side sing and then one from the anime/game side sing (depending how many people there are. If a lot want to sing those types then have like 2 Anime-ish and 1 not back and forth) Other then that the ipod plug in thing is great. I'd suggest a bigger time gap because not everyone got to sing. There should also be a rule that no one can put in more then one song everyone so many hours so the same person isn't singing a lot to give other people a chance. If you didn't want to do the two lines suggestion what else would work is having like from a certain time to a certain time planned for all anime/game songs and then the other time to another time (later on in the night) non anime songs (though the lines would make more sense so anyone could go whenever.) :3 I HOPE THIS HAPPENS AGAIN NEXT YEAR! Also I second for Hyatt. Would be so much easier for me LOL
  3. Teeny Bopper Music in Karaoke.

    FML I just typed a huge post and my laptop ate it. Basically. As the anime goes. How many of you can REALLY sing in Japanese? I wouldn't and I guarantee more then half of the people there wouldn't have gone if it were only anime songs. I sang "Believe" by Cher on Friday night and had a crazy amount of fun despite how shy I am. I also went up with everyone during "Born This Way" and it really made my con exciting. There weren't kids there, but lets say a little kid wanted to sing. They aren't going to know Japanese songs.. lol As for the total eclipse of the heart song. I personally thought it was hilarious. And if you were there at the beginning the second song was "F*** You" by Ce Lo and the hosts made sure that there were no kids and asked if anyone had a problem with it. If you had a problem you should have spoken up. Before the group sang total eclipse they warned everyone to leave for a few minutes if they weren't comfortable with the language they'd be using so again if you found it offensive you could have left. I understand it's an anime con, but if you want to strictly follow that then get rid of the cosplayers doing PotC get rid of the Doctors everywhere. The comic selling that isn't anime. All the games in the game room that aren't in Japanese. Get rid of the raves because they don't really have much to do with anime. There was a Zombie Survival panel. That has to go. If you only want Japanese stuff go to a con in Japan lol. I had a lot of fun Friday night and the rest of my con kind of sucked so I'm glad this was there. And if it's back next year I'll glady be there singing Katy Perry or whatever else I feel like singing. /boredrant
  4. Nickel City Meetup!

    I'll be there around 5 or 6 I think.
  5. Nickel City Meetup!

    >w< Gonna be fuuuuuun.
  6. October Meet Up?

    still not sure what's up with this topic ;^; but uh I will be at Fright Fest on Saturday with some friends. PM me I guess if you wanna meet up there and I can give my number or something to find out group! ;^;
  7. Nickel City Meetup!

    yay! :D This should be fun, then!
  8. October Meet Up?

    some friends and I are going to six flags the 16th if anyone wants to add to that O_o; we're wearing sort of costumes but not like.. cosplay though I guess people could if it was simple (hats might fly off, wings cant go on rides, no weapons..) my friend is dressing up as Ms. Freddy Kruegar I'll likely just have my cat stuff on. But we wanted more people anyways so if ACen people wanted to meet up then, too. since the 16th was mentioned a bit up ^ FB event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116674501722973
  9. Nickel City Meetup!

    Yay! :D I'm glad I recognize a few of you :P I miss you guys! >w< what times is everyone good for? one person said after 5pm so maybe something like 4/5 until 9/10? if anyone wants to cosplay they totally should! :D and they do have food at nickel city, but if anyone wanted there's that bakery/cafe thing around there, too if people wanted to have dinner.
  10. Feedback

    having the same issue with the not sending me the verification email ;^;
  11. Nickel City Meetup!

    It's been awhile since I've shown up around here, huh? I figured I might aswell set up another NICKEL CITY MEETUP :D Nickel City is an Arcade in Northbrook, IL http://www.nickelcitygames.com getting in is $2 I'm thinking later in october.. like the 23rd? it's a Saturday. Anyone else up for this? :D
  12. If ANYONE has a video of the preshow PLEASE link me/email me Preshow = before the movie. Like the Rotti skit & Henchgirl singing Thankless Job. we're REALLY looking for a video of the Henchgirl singing Thankless Job. because we have no footage of the preshow, and are searching for it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I'll love you forever.
  13. Repo! Was Awesome

    :D YAY! We're glad you liked it! if you haven't already you should become a fan on facebook "90 Day Delinquents" :D that way you'll know when there are future shadowcasts at the music box theater! :D http://www.facebook.com/pages/90-Day-Delin...wall&ref=ts
  14. Harmonia Vita Effects [mini Hats?!]

    XD Yeah I wasn't sure if you had one on here or not =P *huggles* ^_____^
  15. Harmonia Vita Effects [mini Hats?!]

    you should ^__^ I really likes hats like these, too! I'm just too attached to my cat hats to wear anything else >w< But I do like some of the hats she's making. like.. here's two for example http://www.harmoniavitaeffects.com/apps/we...ts/show/1246535 (I really like peacocks for some reason, ahaha..) http://www.harmoniavitaeffects.com/apps/we...ts/show/1246543 It's a cute idea with the watch thing on it (even if it doesn't work) If I were making hats I surely wouldn't have thought of that.