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  1. Looking for a larger room

    I am still looking for something like a suite, if anyone has one they don't need, please comment,or message me.
  2. Looking for a larger room

    So I booked a deluxe double bed at Loew's and am in search of a larger room. If anyone might want to downgrade, I would gladly trade or transfer the reservation. I have the unusual problem of needing more spots for people Preference is for Thursday thru Sunday, the 14th-17th.
  3. Room for 2, Plus An Extra Room.

    Rooms filled Thanks
  4. Extra room in Sheraton Rosemont

    Darn, as awesome as that sounds I've got to cover Thursday somehow
  5. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    I don't know if I'll be there before the drinking starts but drunken werewolf or cards against humanity sounds amazing to me.
  6. Fallout

    Either work for me, except around 8 pm on Saturday. I'll probably go for earlier in the day Saturday or Sunday. Lol That's great! It'd actually be cool to see a legionnaire for once.
  7. Fallout

    I'll have mine there as a backup/casual, If you want to get together for some pics I'm down as long as it doesn't conflict with the dc/marvel shoots and the type moon shoot.
  8. Plastic Coating EVA Foam

    A lot of us Halo Spartans use plastidip, personally I recommend the spray kind as it goes on smoother for a better finish when you paint.
  9. Room for 2, Plus An Extra Room.

    Still have some room available, 2nd room has begun to fill.
  10. Suggestions for 2014

    THIS sounds pretty fun actually.....
  11. Type Moon 2014

    No idea where to get one, but I might try to make one...
  12. Room for 2, Plus An Extra Room.

    3 spots currently spoken for, 3 left. ACen is coming!!!
  13. Type Moon 2014

    I wore the Kara no Kyoukai version to my first Youmacon and NO ONE recognized me lol I had a great laugh. They all thought I worked in the offices there! And Now I'm REALLY tempted to bring Pizza Crackers, so I just might!
  14. Type Moon 2014

    Kara no Kyoukai version is coming for sure but I may also bring the Mahoutsukai no Youru version If I can get the buttons on in time. So far my only issues are contacts and buttons. lol
  15. Room for 2, Plus An Extra Room.

    Two spots filled, 4 still open :)/> ACen is getting closer!!!