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  1. Any anime website suggesions?

  2. Rosemont Hilton

    Thanks for the info guys. That kinda sucks we stayed there in 2012 and were holding out for it to become available hopefully we can get a room close. Their rate is now $300 per night.
  3. Rosemont Hilton

    I have read some of the posts and I am a bit confused. I have not seen or heard mention of the Hilton and with it being directly across from the convention center it seems odd that that hotel is not mentioned. I would hate to wait for this one and not get the other hotels.
  4. Suggestions for 2014

    I would suggest recommending people to use grub hub it definitely helped in the past three years i attended. Also an better estimated cost on food at the convention. I did not expect to pay so much there. It would be great if one of the hotels allowed food trucks. A lot of great options in the city and that would be perfect for ACen.
  5. Crystal Ball tickets are on sale now!

    I am making a dress and it will be knee length since i am short but will it be ok. http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m6647-products-29589.php?page_id=109