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  1. 2013 Compliments

    No problems from staffers! Thanks for helping out ^_^ Also, shoutout to the people at the Embassy during the wedding. I only saw the tail end of it, but people were being respectful while watching as well from the balconies.
  2. 2013 Gripes

    I would be absolutely shocked if the prom didn't know about the con before hand. Unlike the past two years, I didn't do much walking in the skywalk, mostly because I was in the Embassy which doesn't have access to it and the weather was nice enough. However, one of the few times I was on it there were people taking photos in it. Please don't. The walkway is narrow enough as is and we really do not need the obstructions in the way as well. Is there a rule saying you can't? And if there is, you should really put signs up saying "NO PICTURES IN THE SKYWALK".
  3. 2013 Gripes

    The Touhou shoot had a large majority of the cosplayers show up prior to the shoot time. We still ran into time issues. Regarding the wedding in the Embassy Suites: I didn't run into any problems regarding it. All that I felt was a slight bit inconvenienced due to the fact that the side doors were closed. The area where drinks were being served obviously was cut into, but no programming was disrupted. That and it was sort of cool to see all the people watching being respectful. Beyond that, I was not aware of any other weddings. Also, there have been proms scheduled at the same time before, and they use rooms that ACen has not used yet to my knowledge (meaning I could be wrong). Yes ACen is starting to get to that point, but a lot of the whole "oh there should be no other events going on" reeks of selfishness.
  4. 2013 Gripes

    I hate to make another post but... The gathering schedule overall was /horrible/. I understand certain series are popular right now, but giving them not only spots on two days, but multiple locations (as in spread out along the docks) and up to two total hours of time is doing a disservice to the other fandoms. When Sailor Moon, League of Legends, and Touhou all only get a half hour, something is /wrong/. The Touhou shoot barely got through all the games (we lumped PC-98 together) and had only a couple minutes left over. I saw a large amount of League cosplayers. And Sailor Moon always has a large turnout. Yes, there's a lot of series out there now, but could you at least try to make more areas for shoots? That would help a lot as well.
  5. 2013 Gripes

    Only a few gripes here: Lack of free water in the Vendor Area/Artist Alley, and I'm not talking bubblers here. Given the lines to get in this year, some people may not want to leave in order to get something to drink and try to take the heat. As I was wearing a heavy costume myself, I was feeling the heat of the area and would have liked something to drink. Bubblers are nice but at the same time, those of us with wigs are in a rock and hard place with those. Smoking areas being in the same spots as gathering areas. Yeah... that should never happen, ever. Scheduling of Touhou panels. Yes, the scheduling could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better. Having a guidebook app and not putting out a PDF of the regular program. Ohhhhh boy. You decided to publish a guidebook as an app for those with smartphones and tablets. Great! For those who can use it anyway. I have an old dumb phone, so I can't use the app. Instead I had to dig around the forums to find the gathering and panel schedule. If you're going to use an app like that, at least for the love of the FSM release a PDF of the regular program too. The layout of the vendor area bothered me, but I understand that it was due the area being in a different location than last year.
  6. I have a question regarding the sign policy. If you're carrying a sign that is part of your costume and you have something written on the back of it, would this violate the rules at all?