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  1. Hi All. I have read a few posts about Anime Hell, Synergy, and Midnight Madness and it seems folks really enjoy going to these events. I was hoping I could figure out by the coments if they are dances, shows, or discussion groups on my own, but I couldn't. This is my first con, so please don't beat me up when I ask the questions... :0). 1. What is Anime Hell? And, when and where is it? 2. What is Midnight Madness? When and Where is it? 3. What is Synergy? When and where is it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Cosplay Costume and PG13?

    Hello again. This is my first time going to Anime Central and I checked out quite a few photos from the past and saw a few revealing costumes. All of them looked great and I was not offended. Mine is revealing too. I guess I am just wondering what the general thought is on what pg13 means? Is a thong outside of pg13 if it is part of a costume and is covered with a cloak, so only the side is seen? I have seen a few Cammy White Street fighters that seem to be acceptable. What are your thoughts on p13? Have a magical day...
  3. Friday night dance?

    This is my first Con. This is my first time going to Anime Central. I have tickets to the Kalafina concert on Friday night. 1. Will I be able to do both the concert and the dance. 2. If I have to choose, which would you recommend more? 3. Do people wear the cosplay costume at the dance? Can't wait.
  4. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    Thanks everyone. I feel better. :0). See you at the con. If you see a dark elf by just hanging about, feel free to say hi.
  5. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    Wow. I am catching up with this late. Great comments by all. Gave me a lot to think about. I used to be overweight. I am not anymore. I am skinny now and fit too. I have a six pack and some muscles. I eat right and exercise. I worked hard to get my body in shape and toned. I worked hard on my costume and even harder on my body. My body is part of my costume. The artists that draw the anime characters make them sexy looking and draw them wear revealing outfits. I made a costume that is revealing and I feel sexy in it. I am showing a lot, but it's pg13. Well maybe pg14 :0). It's fun to wear it. It shows a lot of skin, but after reading this I am thinking about not wearing it at the con, since people will think that I am only there to strut my stuff, which I guess is partly true, but I am there to pretend I am the character too, which is so awesome. For you folks that are still over weight, if you were fit and toned wouldn't you want to wear a sexy costume too? And, this is my first con, so my costume isn't perfect, so I again now I am considering not wearing it, since everyone is so serious and critical. Grrrr... I was excited about my costume and pretending to be my character and strutting my stuff and my first con. Now I am having second thoughts. And, my costume isn't Anime. It is inspired by World of Warcraft dark elves and some other images I have seen on the internet. Also, I am not a specific character. No one will know who I am role playing, as I am not role playing anyone in particular. Apparently the worst thing a cos-player can hear is, "who are you supposed to be." After reading the entire thread I have a lot going against me. 1. I have a costume that is revealing and shows a lot of skin. Bad? 2. This is my first con, so my costume isn't going to be as good as the ones that more experienced cos-players have made. Bad? 3. My costume isn't a particular character. Bad? If you type in dark elf in google and click on images you'll kind of see how I will look. Long hair, pointy ears, fun contacts, sleeveless open vest, loin cloth, cloak, and thigh high boots, some face paint. 4. Oh, and I am 39 years old, which I saw a thread that I may be too old to do this too. Bad? 5. Oh, and I am going by myself, which I was told not to do too. Bad? I was hoping I would make some new friends. 6. Oh, and my costume isn't anime. Bad? If I wear the costume, I see now that I will breaking a lot of unwritten rules. The way figure it is that I worked so hard to get in shape and worked pretty hard on my costume (it was harder to get in shape), I am just going to do it. If at my first con I am not having fun, then I guess I'll just leave and hang out at the Hyatt. Thanks for reading and for con insight, so I know what to maybe expect.
  6. Do people wear their cosplay costume to the dances and concert?
  7. Cosplay at the dances and concert

    Thanks for replying. Do you think people will wear cosplay at the Kalafina concert?
  8. Hello. This is my first time going to Anime Central. What do you recommend as the must dos? Also, is the soap bubble worth going to? I have tickets to the Kalafina Concert. The soap bubble is the same night. Can I do both or are the long lines going to prevent it?
  9. People over 30 Cosplaying?

    I am 44 and I will be in costume. Maybe we should have an over 30 meet up just for fun? This is my first time going, so couldn't begin to organize it, but thought I would throw that out there...
  10. Hello. This will be my first time going to an anime convention. I want to try cosplaying. I put together a World of Warcraft inspired night elf outfit, just because I like the night elves and how they look and move. However, since the costume doesn't look like any specific character should I not bring it and wear it a the con? I guess my question is, are non-specific cosplay costumes frowned upon at the con? Will anyone talk badly about me? I want to have fun, so I won't wear if it will cause me stress from Debbie downers... Thanks for your advise in advance.