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  1. Osomatsu-san

    Ahhh! I wanna go but it looks like the shoot might be during the masquerade? ;_; Darn. Well if my plans change I might show up. I have jump suit!Jyuushimatsu but Id kinda like to do baseball Jyuushi and possibly Jyuushiko. Even if I don't come for the shoot, I might be walking around in any of those at some point. :)
  2. Phoenix Wright 2013

    Due to last minute cosplay changes, I think I'm gonna bring Maya this weekend. I probably won't be able to make it to the photoshoot on Friday because I have tickets for the the concert but would LOVE to talk/take pictures with you guys! :D
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I understand. I thought I would make sure. If I do go ahead with it, I'll just make sure I stick within that range.
  4. I was considering (if I have the time and such) of trying to cosplay as Ari from Okage:Shadow King http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v99/robochar/2317-okage-shadow-king-1-ivfzt.jpg (The kid up front basically) I would really like to make a Stan to loom behind me; sort of like in the picture. I know the rules say nothing sticking out more than 6 inches off your body which I understand and can certainly adhere to. What I was wondering is, does that include straight up? I would like if I could have it about a foot at least above if possible. I would have it to where I can remove it if I need to like sit in a panel or whatever, but when I'm walking around normally would like him to be attached to my back. I am more than willing to work with the rules but just want to know if that counts as something sticking off your person or as a prop ect. Thank you!