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  1. Gripes Against Individuals

    The smoking really was an issue. People were smoking even in non designated spots. I can handle walking by the designated area or crossing the street to go around to avoid them, but they were so scattered and not considerate this year. I suffer minor allergies from smoke of any kind, thankfully had my meds the entire weekend. I've only been to ACen for the passed 3 years but this year was downright horrible with smoking. I noticed it quite a bit in the vendor hall with the e-cigs too.
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Started Omega Quintet and Never Alone
  3. fairytail 2015

    My daughter and I will be coming as Mirajane-red dress, and Happy.
  4. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Atelier Rorona Plus: Alchemist of Arland. Just had to peel myself away after 4.5 hrs of continuous play. Those games are addicting!
  5. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    To fix my Hayate (from nanoha) costume since I totally failed on making the wing replacements this year and couldn't wear it. Easy cosplay of Kotone from Sakura Trick and maybe one other. Deciding between 4 characters for the third one and not sure what to do.
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Drakengard 3
  7. AKB48

    I really enjoy the group and the anime. The anime got me to check out the group because I was curious where the music in the show came from. The show sold me on their music. I check out the music vids and have purchased a decent amount of their songs from itunes. My daughter also loves them and her favorite song is Aitakatta!
  8. Experiences with non-conblock hotels?

    My friends and I stayed at the Holiday Inn last year. We weren't the only con goers there and the staff was really nice to us. It's a nice place but I don't think there was a shuttle service offered or we didn't look hard enough. We hoofed it to the con but we preferred walking anyways.
  9. BABYMETAL FOR 2015!

    I just purchased their album. I stumbled upon them at random and I gotta say I like their music a lot. It would be awesome if ACen was able to get them to attend.
  10. What are you looking for this year at ACen?

    I'll be on the lookout for some yuri stuff. I'd love to find some Sakura Trick merchandise. I'll also be looking for AKB0048, Love Live!, Bodacious Space Pirates, Sword Art Online-specifically Lyfa, Yui and Silica and not the adult stuff i've seen of Silica, just the regular version. I'll browse for Strike Witches stuff but I can usually find their items cheaper elsewhere with shipping. I also would love to find Dog Days items and some Nana Mizuki CDs since iTunes doesn't have her on there.
  11. 2 Need A Ride In Kenosha, WI!

    That actually sounds like it could work out well. I'll message you some contact info if you'd like.
  12. Guest Announcement: Wake Up, Girls!

    So awesome to hear this! This made my weekend!
  13. 2 Need A Ride In Kenosha, WI!

    I'm commuting to and from the con and unsure if I have to work Sunday evening. Won't know until about 2-3 weeks prior to the con dates unfortunately.
  14. 2 Need A Ride In Kenosha, WI!

    Sent ya a message.
  15. 2 Need A Ride In Kenosha, WI!

    If you just need a ride there and don't mind a 4yr old tagging along I can give ya a lift.