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  1. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet

    oh I thought you meant here, and I totally did thta, you said hello and I responded. it even says so on my profile Nevermind I totally know what I did and I dont want to talk about it lol
  2. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet

    Alright Kirby, I am officially posting so you can't say I havent now, its B E N
  3. Singles Gathering

    yea the blue lot and the other are the only ones I know of, I was just hoping all you wise ACen alums might know a secret lol. Thanks though, any information is better than none.
  4. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet

    I feel the same way, and yes they are sad :(
  5. Singles Gathering

    I plan on going to both this year I think, I mean while I'm out there I might as well stay for both. The meet and greet is in the Hyatt right? Where do you usually park because that 13 dollar lost across from the con center doesn't sound fun.
  6. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    I can't wait to go to this, and hell yea bring on the eating challenges.
  7. Greetings friends

    Currently I am working on Jet Black and a gender swap of the Maid in Black from Demon's souls and with you
  8. Greetings friends

    Hi everyone, I am not new to ACen (I have been going for five years) but I am brand new to the forums. I just decided this year i should meet some people. I don't know what to say about my self. my geekery is well rounded, I love anime, comics, video games, movies, tv. just healthily obsessed with pop culture...or unhealthy I still can't tell which. I love cosplay, but am kind of new to it, I have one and am working on three others. Anywho....won't you be my friend?
  9. Singles Gathering

    Hello friends. I am a first time forum user but I have been going to ACen for five years. I usually just end up walking around alone so this year I decided to actually try and meeting some people. Novel idea I know. How are the meet and greet and the late night?