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  1. Ello geezers!

    Welcome! I was at London Comic Con last year. It was fantastic!
  2. HADOKEN! An Intro to Fighting Games

    Thank you very much for the feedback! We hope to improve things next year and possibly go into some intermediate topics in a separate panel. Of course the jokes were for the veterans.
  3. Hello Hello

    Hello! Welcome to the forum! What class do you main on TF2? I mostly play Soldier, Medic, and Scout.
  4. Hi there

    Hello, there! Hopefully you make it out next year and have a blast!
  5. Hi, Hi!

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  6. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    When I was Bushido Brown, many people would say, "Oh, you're Afro Samurai!" Some people asked if I was "a generic Bleach enemy" and another [very drunk] guy followed me around while calling me Bruce Leeroy from The Last Dragon. I wasn't particularly offended by any of those. I don't think Bushido and Afro look alike at all, but I had already prepared myself knowing that I would most likely be called either at any given time. The Best Times: At A-Kon, an older gentleman misidentified me as Jim Kelly (who half of Bushido is based off of) and told me this entertaining story about growing up in the 70s and how hip he used to be. He was a really nice guy. At ACen, a younger guy walked up to me and asked, "... Are you Bushido Brown?" I affirmed and he sighed with relief, "Oh man, my friends said I'd be racist if I asked you that." My response was, "Hey, man, I'm a blaxploitation character, my concept is based partially on racism." We all shared a laugh. The Worst (but also kind of the best) Time: At A-Kon, one guy called me Afro Samurai and I told him I was Bushido Brown. He looked a bit puzzled and I added, "From The Boondocks cartoon." He laughed and said, "Oh yeah! Well, same difference!" I then responded, "Yeah, all us black people look alike anyway." He laughed, "Yeah, I know right!?" His friends looked absolutely horrified and immediately rebuked him. He did actually feel that way and it was a little bothersome, but I'm pretty sure he was drunk, too. I saw a Sol-Badguy at A-Kon that I misidentified as Ragna the Bloodedge. He sounded really sad when he corrected me and I felt pretty bad for making the mistake. In my defense, I was Slender Man at the time and the mask obscured him a bit. All I saw was "ArcSys" and "red costume" until I looked again.

    May 1st is also Maxi from Soul Calibur's birthday. It must be the birth date of champions.
  8. *waves* Hello~ Nice to meet you!

    Hello! Welcome to the ACen forums!
  9. Hi Guys and Girls!

    Ah, yes. There's not much to see in Carroll so don't feel like you missed anything. They've built up quite a bit, though. There are really nice restaurants and such in Frederick near the courthouse. It's kind of a drive for me to just go there and eat alone. I'd rather head to Francis Scott Key for something like that and it's about the same distance with better parking. I went to Century High. I was the first graduating class there.
  10. Hello and looking for friends

    As long as you're not too shy, you should meet a ton of people.
  11. Divekick!

    Anyone going as any of the characters from Divekick? I'll be Kick and I just finished up the last pieces of my costume.
  12. London Comic Con

    It's my first time going to London; I managed to win plane tickets and I used the to go to Rome as well. I'm really looking forward to going to the con, but I'm not sure what cosplay I'm going to bring. I'm going with four friends and we're going to do a Blues Group on the last day, but I'm wondering what two I should pick for the other days... Slender Man, Bushido Brown, or Kick from Divekick... Hmmmm...
  13. Hello and looking for friends

    I've got a panel to host about fighting games Saturday morning, but our group is trying to get some people to play Cards Against Humanity at some point. I've only been to ACen once before and last time I was flying solo. Perhaps as the event scheduler drops (it's an app on smartphones) you could plan around that. I tend to spend a lot of time in the convention hall taking pictures and wandering about. The only set thing I have is FOOD. NEED FOOD!
  14. Hello and looking for friends

    Well, you're welcome to hang out with our group!
  15. Hello and looking for friends

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! If you want to meet people try to get to the meet and greets! Otherwise, I'd love to meet new people as well! Are you going alone or as a group? I played though Beyond: Two Souls twice: once alone and once with my girlfriend. She controlled Aiden. It was a blast (pun intended?).