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  1. Various Anime Items for SALE!

    Then sorry I can't make a purchase because as of a few days ago Im not coming to ACen
  2. Bleach

    Thanks. He cancelled because his fiancé didnt want to go cause she hates anime.... THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOING TO COME TO THE CONVENTION WITH US! Story of my life. This was HIS idea, he got me all excited then crushes my hopes. Well guys, make sure to send me pictures at least. 8(
  3. Bleach

    Bad news guys.... Dad just cancelled the whole trip so I can't make it. Im really sorry. Im so mad he did that. He made hotel reservations even and then changed his kind! Ugh! Well when I get my license maybe I can go next year. 8(
  4. Bleach

    Haha that would be awesome! XD that makes me even more excited for this shoot! Can't wait to see you there!
  5. Bleach

    I'd love if you'd be my gigai! That'd be sweet! XD I hope your costume works out. I'd love if you'd be my gigai! That'd be sweet! XD I hope your costume works out.
  6. The "damn" Thread

    Damn Dont know anything about taxes yet. Maybe I should take a damn class.
  7. Hotel Question

    Thanks so much! And yeah I know should have made arrangements earlier... but this was kind of a last minute decision to do with my dad. The final plans are going to be made on Sunday and I'll badger him to make Hotel reservations then. You guys were a great help thank you thank you!
  8. Cosplay Is Not Consent gathering

    I'd be all for participation too. 83 I'll be there Friday. Ive never experienced any bad harassment but I have been questioned in a rather crude member when I agreed to pose for a picture and I know some other stories that have happened to people as far as people who were not so gentlemanly or ladylike.
  9. The "damn" Thread

    Gotta do my damn math and Spanish homework before I'm allowed to keep working on my damn costume! >.<
  10. Bleach

    I wish you luck on that. Cant wait to hear that badass laugh. XD I hope your costume comes in time too
  11. Bleach

    I ordered my shinigami uniform off of Milanoo.com. It turned out great and comfortable but make sure you have the right size on the size charts. I ordered a bit too small so I had to alter mine. Look at the reviews before you order though because a couple of costumes have excellent reviews but there is one out of a hundred or so that have bad reviews. Another site to check out would be hellocosplay.com Just check out the reviews before purchasing ok? 83
  12. Bleach

    Cant help you out with that one. Its probably listed somewhere in the previous posts. And yeah the shortness is why I picked Rukia too XD
  13. Bleach

    OMG HITSUGAYA! XDDD Thank you for being my favorite character ever! lol XD Cant wait to see your cosplay!
  14. Homework?

    Homework... oh boy... let me go through my schedule of the day. Im a tenth grader so high school sophomore. Band: I only take my trombone home to practice when Im getting ready to audition for chair placements or Jazz Band Science: I have about half an hour to an hours of book work or packets to do for Biology Spanish: In Spanish Two and we have homework every night. Can again take anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on the quantity and how well I learned the material for the day Geometry: ...I rarely do my math homework XD When I do it takes about fifteen minutes. History: I rarely have homework but just did a project for the class that took two hours. Lunch: ...I would do that homework EVERYDAY Multimedia 1: Usually no homework unless I have to do a storyboard or take some pictures to edit on my own time. English Honors 10: I usually only have to read... but depending on what that is it can take an hour or so. And vocabulary book work which takes another hour =.=' Well thats my homework schedule!
  15. Matsuricon 2013

    I figure if its posible for Ohaioans (yes that is what I call myself) to go to a Chicago con then I can se it going vice versa. So I know Matsuricon isnt a very large con but it is in Ohio and was wondering if anyone out there will be going? 83