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  1. Frank West Cosplay

    I personally wouldn't say a crowbar falls under having a blade-like edge. Although I am a volunteer staff member myself, I did email one of my superiors from IRT for a second opinion on the subject. Money isn't an option for buying props because of school, and I can't exactly keep the needed supplies in my dorm room to make my own props either.
  2. Frank West Cosplay

    So, this year I am planning to do a cosplay of Frank West from Dead Rising if my bank account allows for it. I have plenty of choices for attire (since you can wear a lot of different outfits in the series.) My only issues are a camera (which might be the most expensive piece if I don't have one around home) and either a baseball bat or possibly a crowbar. Concerning the last prop, would I be breaking con rules having either regardless of what it's made from (wood, metal, etc.)?
  3. Just a few of my thoughts

    I have yet to see Crush 40 in person myself. A few of the VA's I have chatted with in the last few months really want to be at Anime Central again. Helps to get to know a few people (especially when I'm pursuing my own VA career over the coming months)
  4. Having any major Resident Evil actors would be great. I have a lot of games for them to autograph, lol
  5. Robert Axelrod

    I didn't know he was in Digimon. Then again...I thought those Digimon sounded like Finster.
  6. Steve Blum

    Definitely need to have Tank Dempsey... Oorah Meatsacks!
  7. Steve Blum

    Gotta have Tank Dempsey at ACen, OORAH!
  8. Zyuranger is one of my all time favorite sentai series. I would love to meet any of the actors at ACen since PMC is far too expensive for me to attend.
  9. Jennifer Cihi

    I would be on board for her to be a guest at ACen. Sailor Moon (DiC dub) was the first anime I have ever watched at all (got bored when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was not showing, and that filled my PR void). It would be awesome if she or any of the other VA's from the DiC dub would be able to attend
  10. US VA Suggestions Sonny Strait - What's ACen without him, Vic, or JYB? Vic Mignogna - I have spoken to Vic personally, and he said he would love to be at ACen again. Let's make this happen for him Kyle Hebert - Spoke with him and he also would like to be at ACen as well. Johnny Yong Bosch - It's Morphin' Time! Matt Embry - Kyoji Kasshu/Schwarz Bruder (G Gundam) Mark Gatha - Domon Kasshu from G Gundam (I know he doesn't do voice over anymore, but it's a thought) DC Douglas - Albert Wesker Jon St. John - Duke Nukem Call of Duty Zombies - Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, Nolan North, Tom Kane Yu-Gi-Oh - Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Wayne Grayson, Greg Abbey, Darren Dunstan, Ted Lewis DBZ - Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat, Mike McFarland Rosario + Vampire - Todd Haberkorn, Alexis Tipton, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Brina Palencia, J Michael Tatum, Tia Ballard Naruto - Yuri Lowenthal, Dave Wittenberg, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins FMA - Caitlin Glass International/Musical Guests Nana Mizuki (voiced Moka in Japan dub of Rosario Vampire, performed theme songs for series as well) Crush 40 (modern Sonic games would not be the same without them) Super Sentai actors and theme song artists - Kenta Satou, Psychic Lover, Isao Sasaki
  11. TCG Vendors

    Will any vendors be buying or selling any TCG related items, such as Kaijudo or Magic the Gathering this year? I have a sizable amount of MTG that I want to sell off so I can pay my bills for the trip and have some spending money besides. I do have 2 Jace the Mind Sculptor from FTV 20 among the cards I want to sell since I don't really play the game anyways. Same with Kaijudo. I still play Yugioh regularly, and just started taking up Vanguard a few months ago.
  12. Lightsabers

    Would $1500 be a better budget and does Ultraforce offer discounts on larger orders? If not, I will likely go with the Hasbro Force FX line to save money since there's no freestyling in the duel that I'm planning.
  13. Lightsabers

    I intend to invest around $1K roughly for the sabers (estimating 5 or 6 to be purchased, depending on if I go with a Darth Maul doubled bladed saber or not as one of the duel pieces)
  14. Lightsabers

    I am looking for a good picture taking saber along with ones that can withstand a good 15 minute duel. Sound quality is also important to me as well.
  15. Lightsabers

    In terms of quality and durability, which lightsabers would be the best investment? I was looking at the Signature Series Force FX Sabers from Hasbro as one of my options. I was also considering them since I wanted to stage a lightsaber duel at my wedding reception next year.