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  1. 2016 Guest Feedback

    Honestly? I'm disgusted that a convention the size of Anime Central cannot get a larger number of Japanese guests. The Key/Visual Arts guests were initially disappointing to me since I'm only really into Angel Beats and their early works are actually what turned me off to moe anime, but I went to their panel and it blew me away. They were definitely a quality choice, but why were they the only guests from Japan that were directly anime related? No seiyuu, no directors, no manga-ka, nothing. I first started coming to ACen in 2007, actually because I'd found out that Yoshitoshi aBe had been there in previous years. I was disappointed by the guest lists from the start, but in retrospect at least we used to get directors and manga-ka, just not ones from things I was into. It's just gotten worse since then. There were a few years where I thought this had finally turned around and would keep improving, when we were getting guests like Kalafina, Yuu Asakawa, we even got aBe back, etc, but this year shot those hopes down for me. I actually really like the Japanese DJ guests though I don't go to their panels and signings since I usually go to Synergy itself and I love that type of music, but they should not make up the bulk of our guest list. We are closer in size to AX and Otakon than we are something like Ohayocon. Our guest list should be able to compete with AX and Otakon. We look like a joke when we're the third largest con in the US but then smaller cons like AWA can get guests like ZUN and here we are barely cobbling together a guest list that even has anime related guests at all. Also seriously, as someone pointed out, where the heck was Helen McCarthy? I know for a fact from speaking to her personally that she loves coming to Chicago and loves being invited to ACen, so I highly doubt if she was invited but declined unless she happened to have some sort of major conflict. Her not being on the guest list was extremely disappointing for me.
  2. 2016 Guests?

    Alright, this year's guest list is just depressing. I'm about ready to call it quits on this convention. It's way too big and successful to justify guest lists like this.
  3. Kunihiko Ikuhara

    I have about a thousand Yurikuma Arashi questions won't even lie
  4. Kunihiko Ikuhara

    I'm more interested in meeting directors than anyone else, it seems, and now that I've gotten to meet Yoshitoshi aBe thanks to ACen 2014, the one I want to meet most is Kunihiko Ikuhara. This man is the genius behind Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, and Yurikuma Arashi, the latter of which was easily the best winter 2015 anime. Please, try to get him. It would be amazing for both long time anime fans who remember Utena and his season of Sailor Moon and newer fans who got into his works via Penguindrum or even Yurikuma.
  5. The Official "Did You Get My Photo?" Thread

    I know a few people took pictures of my World Cup Asuka cosplay right before the Evangelion panel on Saturday morning. I'd love to see them if possible!
  6. 2015 Guest Feedback

    The last minute nature of the guest schedule was really awful, honestly. I missed a couple Helen McCarthy panels I wanted to see because, by the time they were finally added to the Guidebook app, I was to the point where I wasn't really checking anything besides the "my schedule" thing for stuff I'd already marked because of how far into the con it was. Also, even worse was the fact that, if you wanted to see guest panels, you absolutely had to have internet access. It seems unbelievable that these days there are people who can't just easily check when panels are on your smartphone, but it does still happen. Sometimes our phones die. I have a friend who is strangely like an old man when it comes to technology and disabled internet on his phone. There are still people who need a print copy for whatever reason, and even I would've liked to have one. It was unacceptable that there wasn't a printoff flier with the schedule books listing the guest schedule. I understand that things happen with scheduling versus when the booklets go to the printer, but usually when last minute changes and the like happen, there are printouts. The entire guest schedule being missing is an even bigger deal than just times being moved at the last minute or cancellations, so the lack of physical copies of info just isn't okay.
  7. Gripes Against Individuals

    Unrelated to yours, but I also had a specific individual issue. I ran the yuri panel on Friday night. The last half of it was an open discussion format. A guy in a pigeon mask approached me for "opening up a discussion", where he basically nitpicked the premise of my panel (and was very wrong basically), kept insisting I was "spreading misinformation" (about a meme for christ's sake). The issue was that he wouldn't. You know. Stop. He basically tried to hijack my panel. None of the audience appreciated it and a girl came up to get him out of there. He got physically confrontational with her, which of course made her boyfriend mad, and I was honestly afraid a fight was going to break out. I have no info on him besides the pigeon mask, but I am very unamused with what happened.
  8. which series have you re-watched the most?

    Easily Madoka Magica. I'm not a big rewatcher in general but I wound up watching it multiple times for various reasons. I think I've seen it 5 or 6 times now.
  9. Guest Schedules

    Thank God. I was beginning to wonder why nothing specifically hosted by Helen McCarthy was showing up.
  10. ACEN 2015 Plans

    I've been going since 2007 so a lot of this is an old, comfortable familiarity for me. Which is great. I'm hosting 3 panels that I hope some of you will check out. The first is on Friday night at 11:30. It's called Yuri: Not the Purest Form of Love, and the goal is to teach the audience why the idea that lesbian couples are somehow more "pure" and thus less sexual or whatever is harmful, while also showing off a lot of fun 18+ yuri stuff. The other 2 are both on Sunday. The first is at 11 AM and it's called Who Is(n't) Oda Nobunaga? The purpose is pointing out some of the most interesting representations of the man in Japanese media, then also giving a history lesson on who he actually was and why he's so important. Then finally at 2 PM I have A Deal With the Devil: A Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan panel (I used to call it Burn All the Witches but decided I needed a Faust reference instead). This is basically about how Madoka is a retelling of Faust, also some other analysis, and a look at how fun the fandom is to lighten things up at the end. Be forewarned, this panel DOES spoil the 3rd movie, Rebellion Story. Aside from my own panels I'm mostly looking forward to food, honestly. Ramen at Mitsuwa, dinner at Hofbrau Haus, and Giordano's pizza. Yes. I'm also planning on going to the Kancolle panel, Helen McCarthy's panels, and whatever 07th Expansion is hosting. Then I'm just planning on hanging out with friends, shopping, etc. Oh and doing a lazy cosplay of Asuka in which I am Asuka who, nearly a year later, is still incredibly hyped about Germany winning the World Cup.
  11. 2015 Guest Feedback

    You know, I wonder about this too. I heard a rumor a long time ago that the previous GR head had somehow upset industry higher ups in Japan. I have no idea if that's true or not and I'm sure no one that actually knows could tell us if that was the case, but I do question it. ACen shouldn't have a problem affording bigger guests. We definitely have high enough attendance numbers and the like that it can't possibly be money. So I do wonder what it is. That said, I do have faith in Ken, I do know he's been working hard to bring us better guests, but this year does feel like a step backward from the last two years. I mean, I was already going into this year expecting it to be disappointing compared to last year since nothing could possibly compare to getting the creator of my favorite anime of all time, but still. Although, to take a break from the negativity, I do have to congratulate Ken on one thing. I've been attending ACen since 2007 and before he took over as GR Head, usually ACen didn't get even one guest that I cared about. Now there's always at least one, and this year continues on that. So at the very least you're on the right track.
  12. 2015 Guest Feedback

    Honestly I'm pretty disappointed in the lackluster Japanese guest list. 07th Expansion is amazing to be getting and I'd love more visual novel guests, but aside from that, meh. Akitaro Daichi and Scandal are big to those who care about them and that's cool, and I'm pretty excited about Taku Takahashi myself, but that's it really. I want to see more Japanese guests on the list instead of it being dominated by Americans. More seiyuu, more directors, more mangaka, etc. I know a lot of people care about the dub VAs so it makes sense to keep getting a lot of them, but I'd really like to see more on the Japanese side as well. On a positive note, though, ACen continuing to get Helen McCarthy is making me really happy.
  13. 2015 Guest Announcements?

    You're pretty much the only reason I have any faith in the guest relations department at all anymore. I definitely noticed we started getting better guests once you joined the team, for one thing. It's just too bad that, whatever it is you have that's made things work better, the rest of the GR staff doesn't have it, too. =/ Here's hoping something interesting happens this year. Though, if not, I'm still satisfied from Yoshitoshi aBe coming last year tbh.
  14. 2015 Guest Announcements?

    I swear, we pretty much always follow the same formula. Musical guest announcement in January, then a bunch of nothing for a while, then in March or even April we get our guest announcements, despite staff saying they'll get announcements out sooner next year. I'm pretty tired of this formula, it's pretty bad.
  15. Love Live School Idol Project

    I'm not even into idol stuff but I got into Love Live and I'd love to see this happen too