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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Were you this Elsa?
  2. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Anyone have a picture of Bartz and Faris (Final Fantasy V)? We were together on Friday, wandering around the halls and at the FF shoot that day. That I missed a Sogeking makes me terribly morose :(
  3. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    I took about fifty photos, but none were at shoots, just hall cosplays I liked. Oh, and one random picture of the empty masquerade room. I should have it set so anyone can tag people in them. https://www.facebook.com/killywastaken/media_set?set=a.778732925484754.1073741827.100000441625650&type=3
  4. Final Fantasy 2014

    I've got a Faris cosplay I plan on bringing. I thought I had a Bartz to come with me but they backed out it looks like. :( Holy crap I cannot wait to see Garuda. My other cosplay isn't FF, but it is another crazy bird lady, and a shot with the two of us would be pretty sweet actually :D
  5. One Piece2014

    I'm going to try to finish my Monet cosplay by May, but we'll see. That's a tricky cosplay to keep within ACen's policies :(
  6. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    My album! I took a lot of pictures at the Nintendo/Smash Bros shoot, and a few at the Ghibli, Fire Emblem, and Rare/Obscure/Original shoot. I also tried to get lesser known cosplays whenever I could while walking around. Also, if anyone took a picture (there weren't that many) of Boudicca from Sid Meier's Civilization V, that would be rad because that was me :D
  7. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Iji Kataiser (Iji) on Friday And on Saturday I'll be Boudicca, in her Civilization V design: I'm going to be so alone as far as fandoms go but I don't care one bit. The first I'll have a big gun to tote around and the second I get to talk in a bad Welsh accent :D
  8. Sister and I need a room!

    Sent you a text since you said you don't get to check internet often. Hope there's still room! :D
  9. Sister and I need a room!

    My sister and I (19 and 27 respectively) will need a place for the con. We're both pretty low-key - neither of us go to raves or normally stay up too late, smoke (she has asthma), or drink. We just want to have fun, cosplay, and have a jolly old time being dorks at an anime convention. Oh, and neither of us have a car, so it'd have to be in walking distance to the con. Thanks!