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  1. DOCTOR>>>>WHO! + BBC General

    I'm going try to help my boyfriend make a Scarecrow costume. :3
  2. Question for Security

    110 views and no help. oi
  3. Styling a Wig tips?

    Gatsby is what I did for my IA. As for the ahoge you can use the gel to make the spike then bobby pin the end down to the wig till it sets then remove the bobby pin precon and it'll stick up. http://www.gatsbyhairwax.com/
  4. Question for Security

    Hello, I have a personal and odd question to ask security, it is kind of an legal issue as well. Whom would I shoot an email to or message, thank you.
  5. Code Geass 2013

    Did you put it through the gathering request form?
  6. Pokemon 2013

    I'll have a B&W1 Elesa.
  7. Managing Long Wigs

    Thank you, I will try this spray and I will keep the ribbon in mind. I have a habit of forgetting to do things before photos... like my IA, I had her thigh band raised up past my skirt and was planning on lowering it for photos since it kept sliding down my thigh.... but then forgot... : /
  8. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    I known I have some friends trying to get a P3 group going for ACen, not sure who they have or if it will happen 100% but I'll let ya'll know.
  9. Do you make your cosplay or buy it?

    Always make, I graduated in fashion design so I find it good experience to make it. Sometimes though I'll do closet cosplays where I just heavy alter clothing. Never buy beyond small props like glasses or rings or wigs (duh, just gotta style em then)
  10. Managing Long Wigs

    This may be redundant but how do you guys manage to keep long hair from getting all wild and crazy at the con when the wind hits or just from normal walking in costume throughout the day. Last con I just kept a wig brush on me but there has to be a better way, some hair product or something. Thanks!
  11. DOCTOR>>>>WHO! + BBC General

    This makes me happy.
  12. Staying in character?

    I find it rather hard to stay in character... especially if they are a crazy yandere... I do have fun with Yuno Gasai and Princess Trollestia/Molestia though.
  13. Hookah Smoking Area (18+)

    I'm glad this is still going on. I wasn't sure if this had happened last year or not due to the crazy cold. If I have a new hookah by then I will bring it along, if not.... either way I have some flavors I will bring. <3
  14. Facebook!

    If you really want to add me... https://www.facebook.com/julianna.buczkowski
  15. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Here's my list so far unless my group wants to do some group cosplays... ACen 2013 Cosplay: Rosario+Vampire - Mizore Olimpos - Hades MLP - Creeper Scootaloo Vocaloid - Dark Wood Circus Miku Panty and Stocking - Stocking Bleach Hiyori Maybes: (done and would be for photoshoot purpose only and are all 100% done) Vocaloid - IA Code Geass - CC Future Diary - Yuno