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  1. Bakemonogatari 2016

    Wondering if anybody would be interested in a Monogatari meetup? I'll be cosplaying Tsukihi ^^
  2. Are flower crowns still a thing?

    I believe it means that character died?
  3. Dangan Ronpa

    I'll be going as Junko. :3
  4. Durarara! Photoshoot

    I'll be going as Mairu!
  5. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    What I'm most excited for right now is my Oktavia von Seckendorff cosplay which will be done by October so I'll of course be bringing it to ACen next year. I'm broke for the next week since buying a flight to London (NOT CHEAP), but I've got almost everything planned out so next week I'm good to go! Reeeeaaallly excited to try my hand at making a mermaid skirt. Just so pumped for this entire costume!
  6. Everyone ready?

    I'm all set, besides packing pajamas/casual clothes. .u.
  7. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Thanks! Your cosplay is amazingly cool as well. :)
  8. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Lara Croft progress, minus the makeup, bandages, and some weapons I forgot to put in the photo.
  9. Bakemonogatari 2014

    Bumpin' it up, my friends!
  10. Weather Watch 2014

    I'm personally really excited about the temperatures after how hot it was last year. XD
  11. Bakemonogatari 2014

    Awesome! We'll be meeting at 7:30 Friday by the east outdoor wall. :3
  12. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Don't mind Dannimon. I think the schedule looks great, thank you for fitting in my Bakemonogatari meet. :)
  13. White Trench/Lab Coat

  14. Bakemonogatari 2014

    I'm late to the game, but hey. I'll be going as Sengoku Nadeko -- anyone else up for a meet? :D
  15. Gatherings! Group meets!

    I've just decided on a Bakemonogatari cosplay for ACen so I thought I would ask for a group meet; I would be the host. Obviously I missed the deadline, but luckily I'm not picky about locations or time slots as long as it's not on Sunday as I fly back to Kentucky rather early. I mean, an EEEAAAARRRLLLYYYYY Sunday meet would be fine, but only if we're talking it ending at about 10 AM. I guess I'll go ahead and start a thread, but is there anything else I need to do besides that at this point?