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  1. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Gun is non-firing; it's a very old toy I've had since the late 80s (predating even the orange tip requirement for toy guns). it used to have a working trigger and a sound mechanism, but those broke years ago, so I locked the trigger down. Won't even move anymore.
  2. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Okay - here is the 9mm pistol prop I've been working on for my cosplay, both holstered and unholstered; I don't think it violates any rules, but I want to be 100% sure before I bring it in. Also, if anyone reading this is familiar with Amtrak's rules and regulations, are they going to give me a hassle over this?
  3. Offering Art Freebies to Panels for Giveaways

    Sounds like a fun panel! I unfortunatley do not have Pokemon bookmarks (I filled up my last space available with some new Harry Potter ones!) but I have some Pokemon buttons or a sticker sheet (all stickers are Gen. 1 and I have several Gen. 1 buttons) if that would work. Just let me know if that's okay and what time you might be dropping by the table on Friday. Also, the name and date/time of your panel too! Thanks! A button and a sticker sheet would be fine! My panel is called "Gaming in Hindsight: Reto-Relevance in 2013" and will be at 3:00 PM on Sunday, May 19. I'll likely be dropping by your table between noon and 2 PM on Friday (I've no guarantee I'll be able to get to the hotel before noon, sorry) to pick up whatever you can spare. Thanks again!
  4. Retro Gaming Panel

    Hello, everyone. My name is William, and this is a year of firsts for me. It's my first trip to Illinois, my first ACen and my first panel, "Gaming in Hindsight: Retro-Relevance in 2013". My co-panelist, Brian, and I are going to be covering retro gaming, focusing mostly on the 80s and 90s (the era we're personally nostalgic for) but we're going to try and cover as much material as we can. The main theme is how relevant retro (and retro-style) games are even in today's market with the emphasis on 3D and high-definition graphics and whatnot. There will be a short trivia section at the end of the panel with prize giveaways. If you're into retro gaming (whether you grew up in the "good ol' days" or not), we'd love to see you stop by. And if you've never played a retro game before, come on in and see what you've been missing!
  5. Final Panels Approved, Denied, and DRAFT schedule

    So glad my panel was approved! This will be the first ever panel I've run (not for lack of trying, either; the con I usually go to is extremely small and panels are on a very limited basis since there are only 6 panel rooms, soon to become 3) and I'm a bit nervous, but I'm confident I'll do well. Thanks!
  6. Offering Art Freebies to Panels for Giveaways

    I'm doing a retro gaming panel focusing on the 80s and 90s, and a Pokemon bookmark for my trivia prize section would be ideal - especially something specific to Generation I. (I like to have gaming-themed bookmarks for my strategy guides, which is what gave me the idea when I saw your post.) Thanks in advance.
  7. Singles Gathering

    I'll have a phone on me all weekend, as well; I wouldn't be opposed to meeting up at some time, just to say "hello" and make your acquaintance. It's actually really, really hard to find girls who are legitimately into anime (you'd be surprised at the number of posers I've met) and every friend I can make is a plus for me.
  8. Free Photos

    I'd be willing to take you up on that as well. I've got a freshly-made Red Ribbon Army cosplay I'd love to have some professional photos taken of. I'll be there all three days, though I may be switching up costumes at one point depending on how things go (I'll know more once I hear whether or not my panel is approved).
  9. Retro Gaming Suggestions

    I third the X-Men Arcade Game and second the Simpsons Arcade Game, while adding Terminator 2's arcade game, Lethal Enforcers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, classic Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Genesis) And MMPR: Fighting Edition (Super NES).
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Okay, in terms of non-weapon props, would something like, say, a tobacco pipe be allowed? I don't smoke, but my Dad used to and I think he still has the old pipe somewhere, and since I'm cosplaying a Red Ribbon general I got the notion to use the pipe as part of my costume after seeing some old photos of General George S. Patton smoking a pipe during World War II, but I've not seen any rules that say I can or can't use it. I know there are anti-smoking rules in general, but would the use of a real pipe be an infraction?
  11. Staying in character?

    I'm usually OUT of character even in costume, unless a situation calls for it. It's a lot easier to relax that way, IMO. :)
  12. Is non-Japanese cosplay appropriate for ACen or other anime con?

    I know for sure I'll be doing one cosplay, a Red Ribbon Army solider from DragonBall. But I have four other ideas for costumes; a Sith Lord from Star Wars OR a Rare Hunter or Orichalcos Duelist (do they even have a group name?) from Yu-Gi-Oh! (I will choose from one of these three, as the costume pieces I have in mind are nearly identical for them and would only necessitate a change of props), and the last is Dr. Insano, a mad scientist character created by Internet critic Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler. Not all of them are Japanese, naturally, but they would still be a blast to cosplay (the Sith Lord in particular is fun; I did that for Tsubasacon last year). It really doesn't bother me to see someone doing a non-Japanese cosplay at a convention because we're all there to have fun. It's not like someone sits down and says, "Okay - I'm going to spend thousands of dollars building this 100% movie-accurate Imperial Stormtrooper costume, pay to travel, stay in a hotel and buy a badge for this anime convention -just- to irritate people who think it should be anime costumes only." It's all in fun, and I rather like the diversity I see. But that's just my two cents.
  13. Tokusatsu 2013

    I've been trying to get either a DragonRanger or a custom-made Rider suit (Zect-style, with Leangle-ish green-and-gold spider motif) built for years now, but I've never had the funds. Is it okay if I drop by to meet some of my fellow toku fans anyway and snap some pics?
  14. It's Time to DDDD-Duel!

    Just noticed your cosplay list, roseangle; on Friday we're going to have to have a photo together, since I'm going to be in a Red Ribbon Army uniform. :)
  15. It's Time to DDDD-Duel!

    I'm bringing at least three decks that I've been working on: Red-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, Six Samurai. That said, I pay no attention to the "banned" list since I never play in official tournaments, have never played the "two out of three" match-type Duels or anything. I just play casually with friends for the enjoyment of the game. If there's no issue with that, I'd love to see how my rebuilt, slimmed-down decks work in single Duels. Last year at Tsubasacon there was an impromptu tag-team tournament and I got paired up with another guy who also had a Six Samurai deck......good times. Went undefeated that year, but I'm curious as to whether it was luck or if my decks are actually any good.