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    Persona is amazing. Also, Yugioh and Corpse Party. Homestuck, too. Those are my main fandoms.

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  1. Potatoes and Starfish: A KEY panel

    Oooh, this interests me. I hope I can make it!
  2. I finally made an account!

    Ah, really? It's a good time, I'm definitely looking forward to it!
  3. I finally made an account!

    Ugh yes, you are lucky. And I would love to go to that panel, if it happens when I'm there- I usually only go one day, so...
  4. Homestuck 2013!

    It's my plan to do a Rose Cosplay- I'm not sure whether I'll do her original outfit or her black squiddle dress, but either way, that's probably what I'm doing. EDIT: I'm a liar; I'm going as Jane.
  5. I finally made an account!

    I wanted to go see the movies, but I couldn't make it. And YES. LITTLE BUSTERS AND KEY IN GENERAL IS JUST... UGH I LOVE IT.
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Slooooowly making my way through Persona 4. No, not Golden or Arena, unfortunately. All I have is a PS2. And a PSP, which I'm using to replay Persona 3 for like the third time, as well as Corpse Party for the second.
  7. Favorite Anime ENDINGS!

    Magia from Madoka Magica was one that I never skipped over. It's also one of the only anime endings I have on my iPod, so that says something. Oh, and there were a couple from Oreimo that I really liked- Masquerade and Shiroi Kokoro come to mind. Secret Base from Anohana was really good. And who could forget Dango Daikazoku from Clannad~?
  8. which series have you re-watched the most?

    I've rewatched Higurashi When they Cry too many times to count, so that's the first that comes to mind. Oh, Air was pretty good, too. They are two of my favorite shows- not at the very top of my list, but definitely up there.
  9. I finally made an account!

    Hey, everyone! I'm Yami_Yuka_Tan, but you can call me Sera. ACen 2013- assuming I get to go, like I'm planning to- will be my third ACen. I've been to a few different conventions, but ACen was by far the best one, so I'm looking forward to my triumphant return~ So, a bit about myself. My favorite anime are Yugioh, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Little Busters. As for games, I really like the Persona series, as well as Corpse Party. Oh, and I'm starting to get back into Homestuck, although it's not exactly my main fandom. I honestly don't do much besides school and anime, so I doubt I'm that interesting of a person. Still, I look forward to getting to know people on here!