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  1. Looking for an extra room if anyone has one to spare, prefer a hotel near the convention center (Hyatt or Embassy or Double Tree.) I tried calling two of the hotels the day of, was on hold for almost one hour before they said they were all gone. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for a Room Reservation

    Sent a message! It's Thurs-Sun btw for both the Hyatt and Embassy!
  3. Looking for a Room Reservation

    I tried but something happened? But I have two rooms: Hyatt and Embassy. I didn't want to just cancel.
  4. Looking for a Room Reservation

    You still looking for a room or did the other guy give you a room? I didn't know pms were not working.
  5. Looking to book a room

    Are you still looking for a room?
  6. I wanted to get feedback from the people who attended the Tokyo Ghoul information and in general panel! Should I do it again? What should I improve? If I do it again should I try to bring more Tokyo ghoul merch (and actually succeed this time?)
  7. Game tournament was really disorganized

    Thanks. What if I want to know about becoming a TO though?
  8. The tournaments this year were pretty disorganized in general. There was a type in the guide book and nobody was informed about one of them, the announcer didn't call people for one of the Smash tournaments, the list goes on. I was wondering how would someone be able to be a TO? I emailed at feedback@ACen.org but I'm still getting bounce backs.
  9. Haikyuu! 2015

    Ok I'm going as either Kenma or Tooru. The problem is I'm not sure if I can get contacts for Kenma though and I'm really tall at 5'10' 1/2 so would that be a problem? I'm closer to Tooru's height which is why I thought about him (and in eye color.)
  10. Haikyuu! 2015

    Lol I can't do Tanaka or Narita because they have shaved heads XD I would have to shave my own head for that lmao. So far my ideas are either Kenma, Yamaguchi or Tooru. It depends on if I can get the jersey and the uniform or not lol.
  11. Haikyuu! 2015

    Who's missing in terms of Karasuno? I could probably do that or Oikawa Tooru or anyone from Neko (maybe.)
  12. Tokyo Ghoul 2015

    Is it still 9pm on Saturday?
  13. Seven Deadly Sins ( Nanatsu no Taizai )

    I can do King but I would be the tallest King ever (I'm 5'10'' 1/2) I might do S2 Diana instead.
  14. Looking for roommates

    Sure and thanks for looking. I'll be lurking on the forums so if you decide to room up with me or know anyone else that needs a room let me know!