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  1. Not sure were your gathering is?

    This is very similar to what Anime Expo does and believe me it is very helpful when trying to find a photoshoot location are you are not sure your in the correct spot other than searching for cosplayers in cosplays for the series meeting up at that specific time.
  2. How Much Should I Save?

    First off LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE your username i am a huge fan of Tron and Tron Legacy. My username is short for Rinzler. ok back on topic. I usually have about 150 set aside for room another 100 or so for food and about 250 set aside for spending as i wish. I try to keep it at 500 or below
  3. Countdown From A Million!

    970,945 I cant believe this is still going lol

    lol naw i stood up in a wedding lol
  5. Convention Rooming PSA

    Something i did in the past when my name was on the rooms was that i had money for the rooms a full month before con so that everyone could lock in their place. I had it due before the hotel took the deposit on the room so that if we needed to drop a room we could. This not only works for multi room bookings but for those who have multiple people staying in the room.
  6. Cannot upload new avatar or profile photo

    Ah good im not the only one then. I found a workaround for my avatar but have kept my profile pic in place for now.
  7. Walks into dusty profile realizing she hasnt logged on in almost two years. Took about 2 days and a bazillion password combinations to regain access. So happy to be going to ACen again! missed out on last year due to a wedding.
  8. Final Fantasy (2015)

    Cool cool I remember u mentioning about missing the deadline for photo shoots. Maybe I misread it lol idk I'm like not done with anything
  9. Final Fantasy (2015)

    If you look in the guidebook there is a friday photoshoot listed idk if thats yours or not?
  10. for android its in google play store for apple its in the apple store if you have a windows phone your out of luck
  11. Do Cosplay Gatherings Start Right On Time?

    Depends on the person running the gathering and if people are showing up to the gathering on time or not. As someone who is a first time runner of a gathering i plan on being in place 15 min beforehand cause i dont want to be "that" person lol.
  12. Final Fantasy (2015)

    The backup location is the con center lobby. You have to click the event in the guidebook to get that information.
  13. Yup thats where you need to go. If your just doing a walk on you just need to check in. If you are doing a skit you need to check in and i believe they will give you a time for skit review.