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  1. Evangelion

    We got two weeks to go! Everyone ready?!
  2. Rebuild of Evangelion

    So this is a dual panel kind of thread. On the one hand the panel I have done three out of the last years Revolution of Evangelion is coming back for another year and this time we have a special surprise for everyone, or surprises for everyone this year and with a better time we have a better time! On the other hand a close personal friend and member of our website is doing the panel Ode to Evangelion speaking about the music of Evangelion and I am very excited for that to go on as well. Both are Saturday night around the same time so I encourage the Eva geeks of ACen to attend both in some capacity and enjoy both panels!
  3. Evangelion

    Hi folks! Glad to see this thread is alive and active and the planning has started. I can't wait to see you all once again!
  4. WWE Cosplay Day 3

    I'm thinking about doing nWo Kevin Nash. Not sure if I want to do Black and White or Wolfpack, but if I do it it would be jeans with the nWo and shades, which doesn't seem like much does it?
  5. To the other Evangelion panels/panelists

    I didn't get to that one and I wish I had so I could have seen how it was
  6. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    Darn straight I am. Are you running the shoot this year Bre? If you are could you PM me?
  7. Classic Anime

    Evangelion is great to watch just to be able to wade into fights about the show and its merits
  8. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    2012 was weird because it was April, but it sounds like it will be very mild again this year which isn't bad at all
  9. To the other Evangelion panels/panelists

    I am going to attend your panel of course, but lets aim for 5-11 Saturday so we can talk in length.
  10. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    That's good! Good to see everything is lining up for everyone right now! Also as of right now AccuWeather is predicting 59 and showers for the 17th. Chance of rain is at 65%
  11. To the other Evangelion panels/panelists

    Excellent! Would you prefer to do it before your panel or after your panel? There are a couple of questions I would like to ask of you and talk about an proposal I have :)
  12. Anime hell back in the big room

    Anime Hell, is back in the giant ballroom? PRAISE JESUS!
  13. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    Awesome! We have a few special things for this years panel! Also yay! You guys are really the best!
  14. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    Yeah pictures will totally be had. Also I had another question about the photoshoot. Any chance I could actually pose with the full group at the end wearing a custom T-shirt promoting an Evangelion website? Just curious
  15. Final Guest List

    I am so glad to see Dan and Jillian are coming. I haven't seen them in forever and really am excited to talk to him once more