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  1. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    I wanted to write a quick note and say a huge thank you to everyone who came out this morning. I definitely appreciated the turnout in spite of the early hour. I hope everyone enjoyed the panel and discussion as much as I did. :)
  2. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    Aww, I'd be honored to help out! I can definitely get something together for you. Come find me after the panel and we can swap cards/contact info. This particular panel focuses less on black letter law impacting/affecting game development and more on how developers use sociolegal philosophy and legal concepts [law of armed conflict/American jurisprudence/etc.] when creating visual literature. Hopefully you'll still be able to make use of my ramblings. :)
  3. Research project

    Hmm. I'd not heard of that franchise until you mentioned it. Thanks! :) I read a brief synopsis and, correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like Ragna is trying to outrun bounty hunters who want to collect on the bounty. (I don't have much knowledge of that one, so I might be missing something) I was thinking more along the lines of getting busted & taken to the police station in the GTA series for committing crimes, Tali's trial in the Mass Effect franchise, or if (in some alternate reality where this actually happened) Master Chief were to be put in the brig for all the innocent NPC soldier's I've accidentally shot over the years.
  4. Research project

    Ack! That's right! I forgot about Tali's trial. *smacks head* Thanks!
  5. Research project

    Hey all! I'm responsible for the "Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming" ACen panel on Sunday morning (and a copanelist on "The Cultures Behind Avatar: The Last Airbender" panel on Fri. evening). I'm in the beginning stages of a non-ACen project and am drawing a bit of a blank. So, I thought I'd ask for help from fellow gaming experts. I'm looking for legal-esque proceedings portrayed in video games. In Chrono Trigger, for example, there's an entire "trial" where Chrono faces kidnapping charges. Essentially, are there other events in games where some authority imposed (or tried to impose) criminal/civil/military/etc. law on players or NPCs? I've also/already considered the Phoenix Wright series. The game's system doesn't matter, so feel free to respond with any game that isn't Chrono Trigger or Phoenix Wright. Thanks! :)
  6. What We Leave Behind: The Saddest Moments in anime

    I'll echo the Maes Hughes and Wolfwood sentiments and add another: Nina Tucker [FMA]
  7. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    This panel was approved. :) I'm excited to see you there!
  8. Offering Art Freebies to Panels for Giveaways

    I agree with AkaRisu; everything you make is really cute! I'm running the "Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming" panel and while I don't currently reference any of the series you've listed, I just wanted to say thank you for the generous offer. :)
  9. Panels ALMOST full!

    Enough. Aside from your nonsensical final sentence, we've both made our positions clear. Move on and stay on topic.
  10. Panels ALMOST full!

    In the end, perhaps we should observe some decorum and respect towards the staff on the facebook page and forums? It shouldn't be terribly hard to agree that forum posters shouldn't behave like petulant children.
  11. Panels ALMOST full!

    I know that I'm probably one of the more junior ACen-goers here. This will be my first ACen, perhaps only my third or fourth con total, and I'm not terribly active on these forums. However, while there are legitimate concerns regarding timing of acceptances, it does not--in any capacity--mean that we should attack the staff. This picture--and the tone that's been adopted in other posts--is extraordinarily inappropriate. As far as I know, the staff are volunteers. You're bashing those who have volunteered their time to make a place where we can gather and have fun for a weekend. While it is frustrating that the panel list isn't yet finalized, and many have been waiting for quite some time, does it honestly matter if <insert panel here> was denied or approved when it appears that your only consideration is whether you get to go? Sure, the League panel sounds neat and it might be a great panel for some. However, it doesn't appear to be your panel. Your indignation and tone over possibly missing out on a panel the staff might have denied anyway is, at best, childish and wholly unnecessary. If you'd bothered to check Bloo09's profile, you'd see that she was last active on 3/23. You might have just missed her via pm or, perhaps, she didn't see it among the many other messages she likely receives as a department head. We don't know what's going on in the lives of the staff and it's reprehensible to infer that the staff should only exist to cater to our needs. There are other methods to contact them, and there are other staff members. Did you try messaging another mod or staff member? Your post doesn't indicate that you did; I recommend that route before bashing the entire staff.
  12. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    Thanks! :) The panel's still listed as "pending," so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I definitely appreciate the vote of confidence and hope to see you there in a few months!
  13. Approved and Denied Panels for 2013

    Hi! Sorry to slightly necro this topic, but I wanted to ask a question at nearly the 11th hour. It sounds like there's a fair amount of panels still listed as "pending." Will the panel submission deadline of March 1 be extended for panel revisions/resubmissions if decisions come out after Mar. 1?
  14. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    Alright, here's the condensed and non-stuffy version. :) I'm Jason and I'm a lawyer who likes video games and anime. I sometimes have ideas and commentary about how video games illustrate, or ignore, our laws. Although my panel's still pending, I'm hoping to have a conversation about how the thing I like (law) and the thing I love (gaming) interact with each other. In my panel, I look at franchises like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty--with a few others--(and lots of pictures) to demonstrate my points.
  15. The mere fact that you are reading this topic likely signifies that you have a pulse and are, presumably, human. By virtue of your humanity, you have innate rights and obligations conferred upon you by your human status. While oversimplified, this is an example of natural law. In contrast, you also have rights and obligations conferred upon you by the passage and interpretation of laws by government actors and agencies. These acts represent positive law. As video games are products of human creation, do we see these two concepts in gaming? If present, how do video games integrate these concepts in their story and mechanics? Are games necessarily limited by innate concepts present in our physical world? If absent, is this media type capable of producing fantastical worlds devoid of natural and our positive law with a cogent story? Although my panel status is still pending, I wanted to post the fundamentals of my topic. While I am vying for one of the limited video game panel slots, I think this would be a fun panel--with lots of screenshots from various popular game franchises to illustrate concepts--as it's probably something that's not yet been presented. My qualifications in proposing this panel: Aside from being a gamer and anime fan, I'm a licensed attorney in two jurisdictions. While in law school, I focused on criminal law and international law. The latter focus, in particular, centered on international criminal law, the law of armed conflict, and nuclear weaponry. Both concentrations, and the very nature of law school, had coursework based in philosophy. As an undergrad, I studied criminal justice and political science. Like law school, both of these heavily centered upon a philosophical foundation directly applicable to this panel.