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  1. Resident Evil 2014

    Sadly, I'm unable to go this year, otherwise I would've shown up in my BSAA SOU Outfit. :(
  2. Ghost in the Shell 2014

    If only I was be able to go next year. :( Otherwise, you would've had a CTU Tac Agent (24) stop by to say hi.
  3. Any fellow convenience store workers here?

    I may not work in a convenience store, But I do work as a security officer at a distribution warehouse on 3rd shift.
  4. Porno Graffitti

    at first glance, you would think this topic implied something else. Lol
  5. Undead survivors Meet-up

    Got room for a BSAA SOU Operator?
  6. Firefly/Serenity

    Hey guys! I have a question. I was playing with the idea of writting a fanmail letter to Summer Glau AKA River Tam. Would it be okay for me to take some pics to send to her?
  7. Resident Evil

    I"ll be going to the photoshoot too. But sadly i Won't be cosplaying HUNK. I'll probably be wearing my BSAA SOU outfit instead.
  8. Boston Marathon's Bombing

    You know its things like this that seriously makes me consider re-enlisting again. :angry:
  9. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    I take it that this means yes to my questions in the The 2011 Costume & Prop Checklist topic? I just want be really sure before i decide to paint my props. Valkyrie knows which one's im talking about. (hopefully)
  10. The 2011 Costume & Prop Checklist

    Also, does this mean i can paont my rifle and keep the tip orange?
  11. The 2011 Costume & Prop Checklist

    Does this mean i can use this one http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=36485 or is it too realistic?
  12. Singles Gathering

    With the tactical gear I will be wearing, I'll stand out even more. ( I'm cosplaying as BSAA Soldier from RE6)
  13. Singles Gathering

    it might be tough to see since i will be wearing balaclava (mask). :P
  14. Singles Gathering

    Would body armor be okay?