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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was Chell on Friday (with my s.o. as an Aperture Scientist) & a White Mage (with my s.o. as black mage) on Saturday/Sunday. None of us had cameras, so if anyone got a picture of us, that'd be awesome! what I look like
  2. Important Information For Panelists

    Is it possible to send this information in an email? I've been busy & unable to check forums lately so I only just heard about this through a friend.
  3. Need One Roomie for Hyatt

    Sorry!! The people got back to me & they are sleeping in my room. I'm sorry I didn't update sooner!!
  4. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    Oh, as an update, this panel is confirmed to be in the Tegal room.
  5. The Cultures Behind Avatar: The Last Airbender

    This panel has been confirmed for the Vienna room if anyone is interested in coming. C:

    Oh my god I saw Crispen Freeman in Ann Arbor when he was doing a lecture & it was amazing!! He's so brilliant. Though, to be honest I haven't heard much of his voice-acting. I sorta just love him for his intelligent discussions/lectures... & maybe his looks.
  7. Final Panel Programming Schedule

    Ooh, I think I'll be going to that morning yoga panel. I'm glad it was added!
  8. Final Panels Approved, Denied, and DRAFT schedule

    Thanks! I just wanted to make sure everything was alright before buying my badge. I get stupidly paranoid with online ordering. Sorry for the hassle.
  9. Final Panels Approved, Denied, and DRAFT schedule

    My badge has been discounted fully, however we are still trying to add a person to two panels since she's been helping/will help. I've sent two emails - one replying to the person who replied directly to me, & another to the main account for emailing for panelist queries. (I'm not saying this to be angry or critical. I'm just saying that I already went through the suggested steps.) I was just curious if it was okay for me, since my badge has been discounted, to "buy" the badge, or if that'd screw things up with adding another panelist.
  10. Avatar the Last Airbender

    No, you wouldn't be talking. If you were comfortable, I could use your outfits as a comparison to outfits they are based on in Asia. I figure it's always fun to have some interaction/appreciation for cosplayers. C: I can't quite figure out how to tell where the panel would be held. I think it's Theater 131/Vienna? Here is the draft schedule (subject to change). It will be held at 9pm on Friday. However, since it's still in draft format, it may be switched to a different room/time.
  11. Final Panels Approved, Denied, and DRAFT schedule

    I sent in an email a few months ago about adding a panelist, but got a reply within the last week to confirm her account information (since she originally gave me the wrong screen name.) She would be a great help as a panelist & has already contributed to both panels we're adding her on, but I'm worried that it might be considered too late to add her on since I was just recently able to get the correct screen name/email sent in. Also, is alright to go ahead & buy panelist badges? (Even if all panelists aren't accepted yet?)
  12. Valve 2013

    Ooo. I'm looking forward to seeing your cosplay. C:
  13. Fundamental Legal Concepts in Gaming

    The panel is currently scheduled for 9am on Sunday. Hopefully those interested will find it in them to grab a cup of coffee & be there. c: I'm really excited about this panel, especially because the media loves blaming video games for the ills of society. Though we won't talk about the lack of correlation between video games & crimes, it will definitely explore how video games interact with the concept of natural law.
  14. Offering Art Freebies to Panels for Giveaways

    Thanks! That helps clear things up. I just remembered reading somewhere about restrictions, but couldn't recall what they were.
  15. Valve 2013

    I'm also going as Chell, & I was able to get my hands on a fancy portal gun. My s.o. is going as an Aperture Scientist (who might strangely resemble scientists from Half Life idk). I'd love to be able to meet up! [: